Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

This week’s planetary movement indicates that as a single, you may remain in a kind of agitated state of mind. This may lead to a few issues in your newly found relationship. However, your loved one might make several efforts to convince you for your commitment in the relationship. It seems that couples will an enjoyable weekend. Married ones might act in a certain way to keep the life partner in cheerful and responsive mood. You may have some issues with one you are emotionally attached. Thus, you must work for preserving peace and harmony in your relationships.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that a student doing graduation may not be able to pay attention to the studies and spend enough time for it. Thus, you must clear out all the negative thoughts and remain focused to learn new aspects. This will sharpen your memory skills. As a student pursuing higher studies, you may receive some useful tips from a senior. These tips will be beneficial to have a quick grasp of different aspects. Thus, this will ensure a gradual and an effective progress in your academics.


The current status of the planetary position and movement suggests that you must remain careful towards your health. Some issues related to your digestive system are likely to cause a few concerns. If such issue is noticed, then you must prioritise your health and visit a specialist accordingly. This will lead you one the right track for your health matters.. In order to remain fit, you must do some physical activity, like going for a long walk or swimming regularly; perhaps in the morning. You may engage yourself in a healthy routine; either indoors or outdoors.


The movements of two major planets indicate that a financial status may improve. However, you must be careful towards your expenses. As you must discriminate between the unnecessary expenses. The planetary movements remain in your support for your finances. You must remain calm and avoid possible conflicts. Little adjustments and compromises will have a long term benefit. There won’t be any major expenses made by you. Thus, you must remain attentive to any financial gain. Hence, you will be able to make satisfactory savings.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that there will be progress in your work efforts. However, a business person is perhaps required to handle upcoming opportunities quite effectively. Only then, the benefits are possible. A business person must get good opportunities to finalize a major profitable deal. However, finalization of the deal by the client may get delayed. A career oriented person may look for optional employment opportunities wherein the prospects may appear better and remuneration may be higher than in the present assignment. However, in this regard, the present planetary movements does not seem to be much supportive. Thus, the career oriented person must stick with the present assignment and aim for a productive output.

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