Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 27th Sep – 3rd Oct 2020

Love and Relationships

An arrogant attitude of singles may cause a lot of problems and pollute the harmony of their relationship. The partner, being the more mature one, will successfully help singles to cool down, reinstating the romance back in their relationship. Married couples should do something special to keep the excitement and spice in their married life. Planetary influences clearly indicate that there is a distinct possibility of some issues developing with someone who you are emotionally close. Try to handle the situation as tactfully as you can to bring an amicable solution. You will try to keep the elders within the family happy and satisfied.


This week seems to offer a mixed bag of fruits as far as the academic growth of students is concerned. Students pursuing post-graduation will be able to devote sufficient time for sincere studies. They will retain their focus even while studying for hours at a stretch! Their hard work and perseverance will be blessed and they will be awarded with excellent results during examinations. As opposed to this, students pursuing graduation will be distracted with irrelevant matters most of the time during this week. Since academics will not be their top priority, their progress will not be very satisfactory. Students must practice meditation to regain their lost focus.


The week does not seem to be very promising for matters pertaining to your health and fitness levels. There is a distinct possibility of falling prey to a serious illness. You must remain extremely cautious in this regards. Do not neglect any signs of discomfort your body shows. Refrain from eating junk food. Diabetics must strictly follow all diet instructions given to them by their physician to avoid any further complications. You must also regularly keep a watch over your blood pressure and sugar levels. Regular body check-ups will help keep things under control. Exercising everyday will help you remain fit throughout the week.


The week seems to be very favourable for matters pertaining to your money and finance. Your financial inflow will substantially increase during this period. You will develop a habit of thinking about all associated pros and cons and will be able to handle all your finances very wisely. Family expenses and those related to your household stand to increase. No major accidental expenses are foreseen for you. If you focus upon saving money for the safety of your future as well as your loved ones, you will successfully be able to do so during this week. Your financial position will remain stable throughout this period.


Fantastic business ideas for expansion of sales will be given to businessmen by someone very close to them. These suggestions will work really well to increase their overall sales and profitability in the coming course of time. The most crucial factor during this week for businessmen will be to retain their calm and composed attitude. This will enable them to negotiate and finalize a majorly profitable deal. The week has great growth opportunities for salaried employees to grab. They will be entrusted with additional responsibilities from their superiors at work. Handling these responsibilities successfully will help them to attain a promotion or even a raise in salary!

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