Poland’s leader backs law improving animal protections

Poland animal protection

Poland’s ruling party leader has called for all political groups and their supporters to back a proposed law stepping up animal rights protections in Poland.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice party, said that not all Western European ways and standards were worthy of emulation but he felt their attitudes toward better protections for animals were a positive example.

“In Poland, we often say that Poland should be like Europe. Sometimes it’s a good point but sometimes it’s not worth it to emulate nations west of our borders,” Kaczynski told a news conference. “(But) humanitarian standards in Poland relating to animals should be no worse, or maybe should be even even better, than in those countries.”

He spoke shortly after the Onet.pl portal showed heart-wrenching hidden video from a mink farm.

Kaczynski, a cat owner, spoke in favor of better animal rights protections in 2017 but the proposed changes stalled, reportedly due to resistance by the fur farm lobby.

On other standards issues, the European Union is strongly criticizing member Poland’s democratic standards and its rule of law record due to the deep changes that Kaczynski’s party is introducing to Poland’s judiciary.

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