Plus Size Bathing Suits for all Figures

Image Made by Canva, Model from Canva Image Repository. Every Woman is Beautiful no matter what size she is.

Some of us hate browsing our Amazon for plus size bathing suits because we often don’t understand what fashion is the best for our figure. It’s simple to pick the same unflattering style again and again. But, why not take a risk, and examine some new styles in plus size bathing suits?

Let’s evaluate the most popular figure complaints and find the most favorable styles.

Wide Hips, Big Thighs

This is the most typical figure problem, but it can easily be covered with the right suit. Look for one or two-piece plus size bathing suits with high cut bottoms that will give the opinion of longer legs. If you are not happy with this much exposure, try a sarong or flirty swim skirt to cover it. Avoid, at all costs, boy-cut shorts. They can make your thighs and hips seem even more extensive and broader.

Try a one-piece suit with large cut legs. You can break up the big vertical lines with a tankini that presents a bit of midriff

Now that you have a more concrete idea of what will work with your body type go ahead and work on a few new styles. Experiment with pattern and colors, as well. It is not written anywhere that full-figured women have to wear dull bathing suits. You might just find a flattering new look that is just best for you.

Tummy Bulge 

There are many reasons for a tummy bulge. This includes bloating, Adrenal stress fat, Post-pregnancy belly, Menopausal hormonal belly bulge, and Beer belly, to name a few.

Who doesn’t have this problem? One-piece styles with shirring can hide an ample tummy. Suits with deep, rushing necklines will draw the eye upwards and away from the egg. Stay away from tight bikinis and low-rise bottoms.


Do you have too much of a sexy thing? Yes, cleavage can look fabulous, but you don’t want to be coming out of your suit. Look for swimwear with halter tops or built-in underwire bras for more support. Don’t get tempted for that string bikini, unless you want your neighbor beachgoers to over-notice you.

Small Bust

Find a suit that has underwire uplift and foam padding. Bright ruffles and prints around the neckline can help hide a less than ample bust.

Short Torso

Having a short torso means that you have a small waist. That means the space from your shoulders to your waist is shorter than those with a normal waist. Bathing suits with long v-necks can stretch the body. Board shorts or Boy cut that sits low on the hips can add height, as well. trying staying away from high cut bottoms that can make your body seem even shorter.

Disclaimer: This article does not endorse body-shaming in anyway whatsoever. NYK Daily truly believes every woman is beautiful no matter what size she is. This article is simply to help those who wish to find a swimsuit that suits their bodies the best. NYK Daily is strongly against fat-shaming, body-shaming and stereotyping a human by his/her size.

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