Pisces Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

You may have to reveal your sexual preferences under the pressure of your family. You may have to make a decision to marry a person of your choice or your family’s. Thus, you will commit to a new relationship. As a married couple, you may not be content with each other and consider to break up. However, it is important to discuss the matter with honesty and seek out the help of a professionalist; if required. There might be some discomfort but if things become clear, then you will understand what exactly is best for you. Thus, sort out your prioritizes and spend quality time with your loved ones. The connection in relationships often gets weak if you do not understand the value of important people in your life.


A look at the present planetary movement suggests that as a student, you might look for suitable employment opportunities and discontinue your studies. You may not realize it but it is important to understand your priorities according to what you can afford to. Thus, give enough time to understand your circumstances and realize that what you really can do. Failure to do so might complicate things and misguide you.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that you some health issues may welcome you soon. So, beware and take care of yourself. If you are a diabetic, then please do the best you can for your health. Distractions are always tempting but they are not worth it. You can afford to risk your health. If possible, try to adopt a health routine. This will really work out.


Your previous investments may deliver positive interests. That sounds so amazing. Well, you must pat yourself now. Such positive responses will only charge your spirits and make you believe in yourself. Thus, you may find yourself to be productive. Two major planets moving through the eleventh house will make you happy, as your income will increase. However, it’s really not a party time.Thus, such gains made will strengthen your position to a better financial status. As a result, you will be able to make satisfactory savings only if you control yourself from partying too much.


As a business person, you won’t be finalizing any major deals in your near future. However, minor deals during routine, might help you to run your business quite satisfactorily. You may seem to concern yourself for the competitive nature of the business. As a career-oriented, you might look for optional employment opportunities, wherein your growth prospects seem encouraging and promising than the current situation. This week’s planetary movements seem to root for an aspirer like you. However, as a career oriented person, you must remain patient till you succeed enough to get a potential employment offer. Thus, you must keep performing effectively for the present commitments.

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