Pisces Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will be brimming with joy upon receiving suggestive gestures and signs from a new acquaintance of the opposite sex. They will gladly give a suitable response to such gestures! They decide to meet at a convenient place and time for taking the relationship to the next level. After an exchange of their thoughts and views, they mutually agree to commit themselves to this relationship. This marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship! There is a distinct possibility that you may be required to face a serious issue within the family. Despite efforts, you may not be able to resolve this issue amicably, at least as of now. Students pursuing graduation will not be able to retain their focus and concentration this week. They will not be very attentive and will not devote enough time for studies.


Students pursuing graduation will not be able to retain their focus and concentration this week. They will not be very attentive and will not devote enough time for studies. As a result, their academic progress will certainly suffer. Their learning process will substantially slow down. We recommend students to practice meditation during times of anxiety and stress. This will certainly help reinstate lost focus. Students pursuing post-graduation will also face a similar fate during this week. They will remain stressed due to issues within the family. They, too, will be unable to spare sufficient time for studies as a result of which their academic progress will be adversely affected.


Jupiter is the ruler of your sign. It is moving along with the negatively influenced Saturn. You will need to be very careful with matters pertaining to your health during this week. Do not neglect even the slightest physical discomfort. Visit your physician immediately. Timely visit to the doctor will eliminate all possibilities of any further complications. Medication will certainly help you recover gradually. Stay away from junk food and abstain from heavy late night dinners. It will be a good idea to join a health club or a gym for light cardiovascular exercises every day. Going for a long walk or swimming everyday will also be very beneficial.


Planetary influences seem to be very favorable for matters pertaining to your money and finance. You will be able to increase your financial inflow substantially during this week. You will be presented with several lucrative opportunities to earn money. However, expenses in relation to your family and household are also seen increasing. No major accidental expenses are foreseen. You will be successful in saving money for the safety of your own future as well as your loved ones. You are advised against taking any financial decisions in a haste or based upon an impulse alone. All in all, the week seems to be very promising.


This seems to be a moderately good week for matters related to your career growth and business. No major deals will come up for any negotiations during this week. Do not get impatient. Keep working as hard as you can. Businessmen should consider reformulating their strategies and change their game plans to ensure that their sales are increased. They could also consider a reduction in their profit margins to stay ahead in the competition. Planetary influences will aid them in doing so. Salaried employees will feel comfortable and secure within their organization. They will feel positively motivated to deliver their best output within stipulated time.

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