OPPO to form Audio Quality Society to enhance consumers audio experience


(IANS) OPPO on Friday announced that it will work with several of the major corporations and the Audio Industry Association to launch the Audio Quality Society (AQS) which is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance consumers audio experience in the 5G era.

The AQS brings together device vendors, upstream and downstream companies in the headset supply chain as well as audio chip manufacturers and professional testing institutions.

“We hope that by forming the AQS, we will be able to build a platform for communication and cooperation among and between market players. We will work with our partners to jointly develop and promote stricter testing and verification standards as well as driving innovation-based development of the high-definition audio ecosystem,” Liu Jia, Head of OPPO’s Audio Business, said in a statement.

The inaugural board members include Bestechnic, China Electronics Standardization Institute (CESI), Edifier, HiBy, HiVi, HIFIMAN, Knowles, MediaTek, Savitech, Xiaomi and Vivo. As one of the founders and core technology contributors to AQS, OPPO will serve as a standing board member.

The AQS technical standards will focus on six major areas to provide users with high-definition and professional sound quality.

The electro-acoustic communication standard will ensure voice call quality through the true wireless stereo (TWS) earphones by undergoing 13 kinds of tests.

The music sound effect standard supports LHDC (Low-Latency Hi-Definition Audio Codec) as well as the precision configuration of subjective and objective listening scores to ensure audio quality.

In addition, the AQS technical standards will impose stricter requirements on environmental noise reduction and Bluetooth connection performance, enabling users to enjoy a quieter listening experience under the low-latency transmission.

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