Online Sports Betting Is Gaining Huge Momentum in the United States in 2020

Online sports betting has become quite popular across the globe today. Its popularity is partly attributed to the high penetration of digital platforms. Gamblers can now play on digital platforms without revealing their identity. Also, the probability of fraud and error is low on these platforms.

Sports betting online has also gained popularity in the United States since Congress passed a law allowing states to set their own betting rules. While it is permissible for US citizens to take part in online casino games, only some states tolerate the setting up of casino shops within their territory.

According to Gamblers daily digest, the US online gambling market is projected to be valued at over $4 billion by the end of this year. This means that more states are likely to allow the creation of online gambling sites within their territory. Find out more about the trend of sports betting online in this article.

Accessibility of Online Sports Betting Sites in the United States

The kind of gambling sites and facilities accessible in the United States differ from one state to the other. The variance is mainly due to the differences in the type of legal betting activities in each state. For example, while online casinos are officially permitted in New Jersey, in Arkansas, the state does not recognize these spaces.

Bovada is an online casino you can use when in a state where online casino betting is acceptable. The Bovada casino was established in 2011 and has become the site of choice for those seeking reliable gaming action online in the US.

This online casino offers diverse gambling opportunities, including poker, table games, Sportsbook and a racebook, among others. This site also assures you of anonymity and online security as all activities are well encrypted. 

Other betting sites that you can rely on when in a state like New Jersey include DraftKings Sportsbook, Caesars, Golden Nugget, bet365, Unibet, and BetAmerica. When in Pennsylvania, you can use sites like Unibet, Hollywood, and PlaySugarHouse to place your bets. The key to betting in the United States is to first find out the legal sports betting or casino sites in a specific state. 

More States Are Now Embracing Online Betting in the United States

Currently, various American states are in the process of legalizing online sports betting. Others are waiting to gauge the failure or success of online gambling in states where it is lawful before enforcing it.

Indiana is one of the states that recently legalized sports betting. According to Weekly Slots News, the state’s governor in 2019 signed a law allowing 13 physical casinos to set up premises. Therefore, the state’s residents no longer have to travel to Las Vegas to bet on sports.

In New Jersey, betting through online platforms has been lawful since 2018. According to Forbes, the volume of sports bets in this state has been high because the laws allow participants to bet through the internet.

New Jersey is different because, in other states that have legalized sports betting, only retail gambling is allowed. This means that gamblers have to visit a betting facility and physically place their bets. Conversely, over 85 percent of bets in New Jersey are placed online.

Online sports betting has also been permissible in Pennsylvania since 2017. The laws governing this activity in this state authorize the following:

·  Poker that can be played online

·  Casino games played online

·  Table games played online

·  Betting on games

Video gambling terminals and terminal gaming are also authorized in specific Pennsylvanian qualified truck stops and authorized airports, respectively. In addition to these states, others that have endorsed sports gambling are Mississippi, New York, West Virginia, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Iowa, New Mexico, and Delaware.

Out of these, Nevada is the dominant force in regard to legalized sports gambling, followed by New Jersey. Other states like Florida, Texas, and California represent large potential sports gambling markets but are yet to pass any legislation on the same.

A Few Challenges Hinder the United States from Achieving the Full Potential of Sports Betting

Since the sports betting industry represents a source of revenue for the United States, it is imperative for the states that have legalized it to ensure it achieves its full potential. According to the Business Insider, some hurdles, however, need to be overcome to accomplish this.

One of the hurdles pertains to mobile gaming. As identified in this article, online gambling is not tolerable in some states. Thus, the federal government needs to enforce regulations that permit interstate mobile gaming to boost the sports betting industry.

Another solution is for states to lower the tax rates or revenue-sharing agreements as a way of encouraging the participation of Sportsbook operators. For example, a high start-up cost in the form of a 10 million dollar license in Pennsylvania is dispiriting for new betting operators.

Other solutions include ensuring the availability of accurate sports data to allow teams to profit and ascertaining network reliability and performance to enable real-time betting.

The Prospect of Online Sports Betting in the United States

Notably, not all American states are fervent about permitting online sports betting. As such, the legalization of this activity may be slothful in some, compared to others. For example, in states like Alabama, South Carolina, and Idaho, constitutional prohibitions relating to sports gambling would require overturning before the culture can be permitted in those states.

The legalization of sports betting in some other states has not taken course owing to the reputation with which it is associated. Often, it is considered an extremely addictive activity that could result in the loss of large amounts of money, especially for young people.

Plans to decriminalize sports betting in some other states do not include the permission of games closely linked to their state. Other states like Tennessee have projected regulations that would see the funding of K-12 education with gambling proceeds.

Bottom Line

While online sports betting has gained popularity in some American states, its legalization has been sluggish in others. The speed of legalization in the states where the activity is not yet permitted will depend on perceptions about the activity and the outcomes of the research conducted before any regulations can be enforced.

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