Obtaining Proper Insurance Coverage for Your Business

Business owners review insurance policies to mitigate risks and financial losses. The right coverage level protects the business and its assets more effectively. The owner must protect their vehicles, commercial property, and equipment. Liabilities could emerge at any time, and the business owner must be prepared with the right amount of coverage.

Product Liability Coverage

Product liability coverage protects business owners if they manufacture products for consumers, and a consumer becomes injured while using the product. When a claim is filed, the victim reports the manufacturer to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. Their findings determine if a product recall occurs. A recall can lead to further evidence of wrongdoing and hold the manufacturer liable for any injuries caused by the product. T.S. Peck has options for manufacturers that need product liability coverage.

Premises Liability Coverage

Premises liability coverage offers financial assistance if a visitor sustains an injury inside or outside the commercial property. The policy offers payment for medical coverage for any victims that sustain injuries. If a victim sustains injuries, the business owner can file a claim through their insurer after sending the individual to an emergency room. The claim shows vital details about the accident and invoices for the victim’s medical costs.

Data Breach Coverage

Data breach coverage provides protection for the company if an attack leads to data loss. The coverage helps pay for any customer losses that resulted from the data breach. If a customer becomes the victim of identity theft, a claim is filed to repay the customer for financial losses. It provides fast assistance to prevent the company from becoming the defendant in a lawsuit.

Are You Renting a Commercial Space?

Renter’s insurance is a necessity for any business that rents a commercial space. It protects the company’s property that is stored inside the commercial property. This includes equipment, machinery, computers, and any other items used for the business. If the business owner or their workers cause property damage, the insurance provides funds to pay for the repairs. This reduces the potential for a lawsuit against the tenant.

Personal Automobile Insurance Personal automobile insurance is necessary if the business owner wants to use their commercial vehicle for personal use, too. They will need to purchase commercial coverage to cover the vehicle when it is used for business. The additional coverage prevents the business owner from facing a financial loss if the vehicle is damaged or a total loss. The coverage level for the automobile defines what type of coverage the owner has. Collision and comprehensive coverage could replace the vehicle if it is a total loss. It could also provide the business owner with a rental car until they purchase another vehicle. Business owners must review insurance policies to protect their business and assets fully. The right policies protect their assets and provide risk mitigation for a multitude of circumstances. Property coverage protects the property if the business is buying it, and renter’s coverage pays for damage to a rental property. Examining insurance policies shows the business owner what to expect from each policy.

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