NYK Review of WWE Monday Night Raw: 28th September 2020

WWE Monday Night RAW Results

28th September, 2020

Tonight’s WWE Raw is kicking off with a celebration of four major legends, all of which were victims of Randy Orton’s Punt Kick in the past few months. Shawn Michaels, Christian, Big Show, and Ric Flair all played a factor in the ambulance match last night, and they’re all now back once again.

HBK welcomes us to Monday Night Raw and introduces the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. The champion admits this is cool, and says he didn’t expect to see them all last night. He points out he’s known Big Show and Christian for a long time and he grew up travelling the world with them.

He thanks Christian for always going to bat for him and says Big Show always gave him great advice. He then puts over Shawn for being a mentor to him during his time in NXT. He then says he already appreciates the stories of Ric Flair and says he remembers being on the same roster as Ric Flair.

Drew says their disdain for Randy brought them all back together, and in the end, he put him in an ambulance, and he’s still WWE Champion. HBK says they came out to thank him for whipping Randy’s ass collectively. Shawn says they all got together and showed up last night and they wanted to get a little revenge last night and they hope that Drew doesn’t mind.

Shawn says if Drew is upset about it, then it was all the Nature Boy’s fault. However, as he tries to continue, Randy Orton pops up on the titantron. He says that this isn’t over until he says it is over. Orton says McIntyre has no idea what the hell is, but he will, and Orton says he isn’t going to be finished until he’s WWE Champion.

The Viper says he doesn’t need to beg for anything, and he will be given a title match because of who he is. Orton says the only reason he is here today to remind Drew and everyone in that ring that there’s a price to be paid when you cross the Legend Killer.

He then gets his bag and is shown leaving the arena. McIntyre says with all the talk about titles and says he will put his on the line tonight, and he issues an open challenge to anyone in the back he hasn’t faced for the title previously. McIntyre asks someone to please step up.


Zelina Vega is shown in Gorilla Position says she’s just getting started, but tonight she will prove she’s ready for Asuka. However, Zelina says Asuka isn’t ready for her, but Asuka then appears and says she is ready, but she hopes that Zelina is prepared to lose one more time.


Straight away, Zelina Vega takes the fight to Asuka, but the champion responds with an armbar and then sends her off. However, yet again, Vega targets Asuka’s arm and manages to lock in a submission to cause Asuka’s problems.

Vega then dumps Asuka out of the ring, but as she leaps from the ring apron, Asuka catches her with a sharp kick to the head. Despite that, when the match returns from commercial it is Zelina in charge, hitting a big slap to the champion.

However, that fires up Asuka, and she connects with a knee to the face and then a hip attack and a German suplex. Vega manages to turn things around, though, with a great submission in the middle of the ring, but Asuka powers out and suplexes Vega instead.

Asuka tries to set up her finish, but Vega reverses for a pinfall attempt. But, just like last night, the champion swaps it into the Asuka Lock, only for Asuka to break way. Instead, Vega nails a backstabber, but Asuka manages to get her foot on the ropes in time.

Vega then tries to hit a moonsault from the top rope, but Asuka gets her knees up here and then sets up the Asuka Lock to win.

Winner (and still Raw Women’s Champion): Asuka

Match Review2.75//5. This was a bit better than their yesterday’s match. Asuka retaining was expected. This match’s finish was innovative with Vega trying to hit a moonsault, but Asuka catching her for Asuka Lock.


Following another loss to Asuka, Andrade makes her way down to mock his former manager, stating that she is nothing without him. He says that is why last night he held the team together because he is the greatest in WWE.

Andrade then puts out an open challenge for someone on the roster to face him and…KEITH LEE is the man to answer!


The Limitless One wastes no time dominating with his strength, but Andrade then avoids the attempted splash in the corner and he begins picking up the pace to get a few shots in. However, Andrade eventually runs straight into a crossbody and he then nails the splash in the corner.

Andrade connects with a dropkick to the knee to take out Lee, but he gets caught as he goes from the top rope. But once again, Andrade switches things up and connects a chop block and then nails the double knees in the corner to continue the attack.

However, out of nowhere, Lee hits the Spirit Bomb, and just like that, he gets the victory!

Winner: Keith Lee

Match Review: 2/5. Good match. I wished this match went for 15 minutes. Keith is unstoppable.  


R-Truth is shown backstage playing chess with Little Jimmy when a ninja turns up with a letter. It says if he’s reading this, he was eaten by a shark and says that their battles were epic and that he should wear this with honor, regards from Akira.

He opens the briefcase and gets Akira’s blackbelt, but Tozawa then appears and pins Truth. However, his ninja turns out to be Drew Gulak, and he attacks Tozawa and regains the title. But after that, Truth wins back the title by attacking Gulak with the briefcase to regain the belt.


Seth Rollins is then shown meeting Murphy backstage, where he continues to look unimpressed by the Messiah. Seth asks why he’s in his ring gear as he doesn’t have a match, and he tells him to put on the suit he bought him. But when he goes, Murphy leaves his phone, which Seth ends up taking. 


Rey Mysterio says that Seth can’t even control his own house, so now he is trying to destroy his. Rey says it is obvious his children are his and his children mean the world to him. Rey says it takes an evil and straightforward kind of human being to fabricate the lies that Seth has done.

Dominik says this has gone on too long, and when he sees him next he will put an end to this. Jerry Lawler then points out how there was tension within the family over Rey’s comments last week and he asks Aaliyah how she is feeling.

She says she’s still upset about what happened last week, she is 19 years old, as far as Murphy goes, he came up to her and she doesn’t know what to think about him. What she does know, is that whoever surrounds themselves with Seth needs to evaluate their life choices.

Speak of the devil, Seth then appears on the titantron and he says one of them isn’t being 100% honest with their family. The truth is that Aaliyah may not be speaking honestly about her feelings in regards to Murphy. Rollins says they don’t have to believe his words, and he shows some text messages between them, which showcases they’ve been talking.

She tries to tell Rey he’s not like Seth and she then walks away with the Mysterio family trying to follow after her. Murphy then confronts Seth and he tells him he doesn’t know anything, and he then grabs Rollins, but Dominik Mysterio then appears and attacks Murphy with the two men brawling until they are pulled apart by officials.


Natalya says she and Lana will stand all night until Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are stripped of their titles. Lana says they are the reason there is a tag team division and the duo complain about the situation. However, Adam Pearce then appears and says that won’t be happening but instead he can give them a match against the newest members of Raw…Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke!


Natalya wastes no time in taking down Dana Brooke, but she turns things around and then hits the handspring back elbow in the corner. Brooke then cartwheels across the ring and hits a kick to the face, but Lana can tag in blindly, and she drags Brooke down by her hair.

She then launches Brooke into their corner and the two women beatdown on Dana together. Dana manages to make the hot tag, though, and Mandy dominates inside the ring, taking out Nattie and then planting Lana face-first to the mat.

Natalya breaks up the pinfall attempt, but Dana hits the ring and then levels her with a clothesline while Rose connects with a pump knee kick to earn the debuting team their first victory.

Winners: Natalya & Lana

Match Review: 1.5/5. 0.5 star extra for Mandy Rose. 


Aleister Black marches to the ring with a new theme song, but it is Kevin Owens who starts this match out in control. He starts the attack and sends Black to the outside, but when they get back into the ring, Black gets himself into control with some aggressive shots of his own.

Kevin happily fights back though, connecting with a couple of kicks to the face, but Black responds again with some more punches and strikes. Owens nearly catches Black with a roll-up and then levels him with a couple of clotheslines and then a senton.

KO nails a German suplex which sends Black to the outside, and Owens then hits a big senton from the ring apron to the floor in order to continue his attack. Back in the ring, Aleister manages to take Owens off his feet with an attack to the knee and he follows up by reigning down blows onto him.

Black then connects with several massive kicks as he then pushes down to KO in the corner. Owens then throws some kicks and chops of his own, but once again Black responds with a PK to the chest. Black then nails another kick, this time to the head but Owens somehow kicks out.

Black runs in to hit another but Owens avoids it and then nails a superkick and this time it is Black kicking out at the last moment. The two men then end up on the top rope as Owens slaps Black to the mat, but as he tries to hit a senton, Black gets his knees up to reverse it.

Black then hits a running knee strike, but KO kicks out not just once, not twice, but three times as Black becomes increasingly more frustrated. The two men then continue to brawl and Black seemingly accidentally strikes the official in the attack, and that leads to a disqualification finish.

Winner (via DQ): Kevin Owens

With Black then arguing with the official, KO takes the chance to nail him with a Stunner!

Match Review: 3.75/5. Good match with a predictable finish. Good to finally see Kevin Owens in a meaningful rivalry. 


Backstage The Hurt Business run into Mustafa Ali and they begin to push him around until Apollo Crews and Ricochet turn up. It looks like this neverending storyline will be continuing again tonight…wonderful.


Straight away both Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa attack R-Truth and they work together well until they both try to go for pinfalls. They begin arguing and that allows Truth to hit a double clothesline on them as he tries to turn things around.

However, the numbers game doesn’t work out for Truth, and the heels then hit a double suplex. Both Gulak and Tozawa lockin a submission together and then Drew tries to catch out Akira with a pinning attempt, which doesn’t work out.

Truth tries to fight back against them, and then Gulak launches Akira out of the ring as he sets in the Gulock to Truth. However, Truth gets out and Akira hits Gulak with a senton only for Truth to then drop Tozawa down to the mat. He then hits an AA onto Gulak, landing on Tozawa as he retains his title.

Winner (and still champion): R-Truth

Match Review: 1/5. Yawn! 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP is a joke. 


Dominik Mysterio showcases his anger and takes a right to Murphy straight away, dominating him early on. Murphy spills to the outside but that doesn’t cause a break for him as Mysterio slides out of the ring and slams him into the announce desk.

However, Murphy launches him over the announce desk himself as the young wrestler talks to the referee. On the ring apron, Dominik sweeps the leg which leaves Murphy landing awkwardly on the apron. He then hits the crossbody, but Murphy kicks out from in the following pinfall.

Mysterio continues the attacks, but out of nowhere Murphy nails a massive knee strike that connects flush. Dominik continues to fight back though, hitting a great tornado DDT as he then stomps away on Murphy. He goes to the outside and Dominik follows him, just launching Murphy into the barricade and the ring apron multiple times.

Dominik then ends up pulling out a kendo stick, but Aaliyah then makes her way down and tells him to put down the kendo stick. He gets into the ring but gets distracted by his sister which allows Murphy to get a roll-up victory.

Winner: Murphy

After the match, he catches Murphy with the kendo stick several times, but Aaliyah gets in the way and tells him to stop. Dominik says that Rey was right, and she is naive which leads to her slapping Dominik.

Match Review: 3.5/5. Dominik continues to impress. Aaliyah looked lovely. Murphy is GOAT. He deserves to main event RAW. 


Dolph Ziggler is shown backstage with Adam Pearce wanting to discuss the WWE Championship open challenge. Adam points out he’s not eligible due to the fact he’s had a title shot previously, however, Dolph says he isn’t talking about him…


Before the match, MVP says that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. He says that Apollo keeps making the dumb mistakes repeatedly, and last week Cedric Alexander made a slip-up, which is why they’ve sent him to Hurt Business boot camp.

MVP says he remembers all the talk Apollo was doing when he claimed he would regain the United States Championship, but that didn’t happen. MVP says that the result tonight will be the same…he’s going to get dropped.

The babyfaces make their way down to the ring and they just attack The Hurt Business straight away and the match never officially gets underway as they all begin brawling around the ringside area. However, the lights then begin to flicker as Retribution logos pop up… are they here?

After the advert, there’s no sign of Retribution and instead, the match is underway as Shelton Benjamin is in control of Apollo Crews. He brings in MVP but Apollo then hits a crossbody and tags out as Ricochet springboards in to attack Shelton as he returns.

Ricochet then hits a springboard moonsault and follows it with the standing shooting star press! Benjamin manages to turn the tide with a running knee to Ricochet as he and MVP drop him down to the mat. MVP tries to hit the Playmaker, but Ricochet reverses that and tags in Mustafa Ali.

He immediately nails MVP with a dropkick and he then pushes him into the ropes, with Ali hitting a neckbreaker as he bounces back. Lashley drags Ali out of the ring but Apollo is on hand to deal with him. Benjamin attacks Apollo but Ricochet then flips off the ring apron to wipe him out as well.

Meanwhile, inside the ring, the two men trade roll-ups and Ali connects with the satellite DDT. He then goes to the top turnbuckle and hits the 450 Splash for the win!

Winners: Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, & Apollo Crews.

Match Review: 3.5/5 Mustafa is back! Finally.


Who will step up to face Drew McIntyre? It is Dolph Ziggler who comes out first, and he brings none other than ROBERT ROODE! The Glorious One is back on Monday Night Raw.

Robert Roode takes the attack to Drew McIntyre straight away, working on the leg of the WWE Champion which was injured last night. Roode then also rakes at the back of Drew, continuing to attack the injured areas from Drew’s ambulance match.

Despite that, McIntyre fights back with a few big chops to the Glorious One and he then hits a big kick to the face off the Irish whip. On the outside, Drew picks up Roode and hits a reverse Alabama slam onto the ring apron! Back inside the ring, the two men fight to the top rope and it ends up with Drew launching Roode from the top rope across the ring.

McIntyre looks to keep the attack going but Dolph Ziggler pulls Roode out of the ring so McIntyre pulls him into the ring. However, this allows Roode to hit a chop block as Roode then follows up with more attacks to the leg of the WWE Champion.

The fight spills to the outside as Roode drops McIntyre knee-first onto the announce desk. Back in the ring, Roode goes to the top rope and nails a clothesline, but Drew is able to kick out. As they get back up, McIntyre hits the Glasgow Kiss and then picks up the pace with a couple of overhead belly to bellies.

He kicks up but that tweaks Drew’s knee and he walks around into a spine buster. Drew keeps fighting back but Dolph gets onto the apron and provides a distraction. McIntyre nails him with a big boot, but as he turns around, Roode hits the Glorious DDT and McIntyre kicks out!

Roode looks to hit the move again but Drew reverses and then hits the Claymore! This one is over.

Winner (and still champion): Drew McIntyre

Match Review: 3.25/5. This was unexpected. I thought Roode is moving to NXT. Drew McIntyre looked money here. Amazing match with a predictable ending.

Backstage, a man in a mask is shown at the legends lounge as it is revealed to be Randy Orton. He gets some night vision goggles and turns out the lights, using a chair to attack Christian, Michaels, Big Show, and Flair. When the lights come back on, there is total destruction with all four men taken out once again by the Legend Killer, who has the last laugh.

WWE Monday Night Raw 28th September 2020 Rating: 7.5/10

Top 3 stars of the show

  1. Kevin Owens
  2. Aleister Black
  3. Drew McIntyre

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