Must-Haves: Applications That Help You Make Work From Home More Effective

With remote working on the rise, corporations in the United States expect to extend their current remote working mode for some more time. While most of the people jumped into this new zone considering it as a blessing from the pandemic soon they realized that not every blessing brings comfort. The work from home has people divided; while some consider it a great way to continue with work while being in your home but on the other hand, some employees are finding it hard to fully concentrate on their work while they are working from home.

Whether you are enjoying your work from the home period or you are dreading this experience, one thing is for sure, productivity is at risk. Unlike the workplace, in your home, there is no designated place to work. And even if you create a separate space to turn your home into a temporary office, your partner, roommates, or kids don’t bother to follow the protocol. Therefore, no matter how hard you try to provide undistributed time to your work you will always end up having a conversation with someone around you or doing work that is not part of your company’s duties.

Not to forget the digital distractions that cause employees to take unsolicited breaks of 2-3 hours. These digital breaks have caused great damage to people that are trying to focus on building their work from home routine for an effective outcome. These digital distractions cause the work to stay pending or can lead up to a whole day of working.

If you want to be involved in tech that helps you achieve some relaxing time while working, you should download applications that help you make your work effective. We have listed down some of the best applications out there that are helping employees in aligning their work from home phase more effective for their career. Find the applications below:


When we talked about distractions whether it is human-caused or digital it will always end up creating trouble for your work schedule. So if you want to submit to a healthy work from home routine you need to download the application called Serene. Serene helps users in staying focused on their work and completing their tasks faster by cutting out all forms of distractions.


Since the coronavirus outbreak, the communication between colleagues and even managers and their team have been sabotaged. It is extremely crucial to make sure that communication is stronger these days therefore, download slack. Slack helps users in team communication and strong bond which is something all remote works need right now.

While this application is a delight for remote working users, without high-speed internet it can become a curse. So make sure you have high-speed internet like Hughes Internet service that makes remote working less of a burden and more of a luxury.


With us having some extra time on our hands due to working in the comfort of our home, we are doing things that we usually do not in a normal routine. For instance, constantly checking our email, answering all the emails, and even sending some unnecessary ones. While it is great to be attentive on emails it sometimes becomes bothersome and a distraction from the actual work. Therefore, if you are facing similar kind of trouble with your mailbox it is time to download Spark. Spark helps you maintain your email inbox and does not let any unnecessary emails come in the way of your effective working.


Sometimes, not human-caused or digital but distractions of work makes it difficult for us to complete our tasks on time. There are tons of things that a person needs to do while working on a project for their company. For an instant, constantly saving Gmail attachments to Google drive or doing certain activities online over and over again as its part of your working pattern. This routine can sometimes become frustrating, especially for a remote worker.

Zapier is an application that can solve this problem. Zapier helps to understand the repetitive tasks and switching between applications. The app saves time and automates the process for the users. For instance, Zapier will automatically save your Gmail attachments to Google Drive without asking you to do it manually.


While it is super important to stay focused on your work and have a routine that helps you complete your work task on time, it is more important to have free and relaxing time slots. Similar to the work time, free time is also being interrupted with work for remote working users. To make sure you have a relaxing break from work, download Daywise. Daywise helps in sorting out and scheduling notifications to stop any kind of work interruptions to bug in your free time.

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