Microsoft joins OpenAI to exclusively license its unique language model

(IANS) Microsoft on Tuesday teamed up with Elon Musk-cofounded OpenAI to exclusively license their groundbreaking GPT-3 model, an auto-regressive language model that outputs remarkably human-like text.

GPT-3 is the largest and most advanced language model in the world, clocking in at 175 billion parameters, and is trained on Azure’s AI supercomputer.

“GPT-3 will allow us to leverage its technical innovations to develop and deliver advanced AI solutions for our customers as well as create new solutions that harness the amazing power of advanced natural language generation,” said Kevin Scott, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft.

Musk helped found the artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI in 2015 with the goal of developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) that can learn and master several disciplines.

In May, Microsoft expanded its partnership with OpenAI to announce one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers – a custom-designed, Azure-hosted home for training OpenAI’s equally massive AI models.

“We see this as an incredible opportunity to expand our Azure-powered AI platform in a way that democratizes AI technology, enables new products, services and experiences, and increases the positive impact of AI at Scale,” Scott said.

OpenAI will continue to offer GPT-3 and other powerful models via its own Azure-hosted API, launched in June.

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