LG patents new device with OLED rollable display

(IANS) South Korea-based LG Electronics has patented a new device that features a unique design with a rollable display.

The company filed a patent application for the ‘Electronic device’ with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) which got approved earlier this month, reports LetsGoDigital.

According to the patent images, the product will come in a rectangular housing to securely store the rollable display.

“There is a transparent window on the housing that could use the retracted display to show notifications and other alerts,” the report said.

It will also sport two dedicated hardware buttons to roll-in or roll-out the display and the user can manually roll out the display by simply pulling out of the housing.

LG Electronics, a pioneer in rollable displays, showcased and launched the world’s first television with rollable display at the CES 2019.

Earlier, the company patented a new handset with an extendable display that doubled the screen surface. The patent has been registered with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) with some sketches.

The phone looks like a standard smartphone but the screen can be extended to both sides, making the display wider. The device seemed a lot more like an e-reader than a smartphone.

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