Leo Weekly Horoscope 13th – 19th Sep, 2020

Love and Relationships

Singles will not be in a mood for romance during this week. They will receive several suggestive gestures from somebody of the opposite sex. Singles will simply pay no heed to them! They will be busy handling some adverse personal crisis. There is nothing you can do to resolve the issue, at least as of now. The week is not very favorable for married couples as severe differences of opinions will arise. All they can do is, be patient with each other as there is nothing much that can be done during this period. You will spend a considerable amount of money to ensure your family’s happiness and satisfaction.


Students pursuing their last year of graduation will remain very attentive about their studies. They will be readily prepared to burn the night lamp and study for extended hours sincerely. Planetary influences will bless them and they will have an excellent grasp over complicated topics. They will also be able to memorize what is necessary very effectively. Their overall progress will be very satisfactory. As opposed to this, students pursuing post-graduation will remain busy handling some personal adverse situation. As a result of this negative stress, they will not be able to devote enough time for studies. Their academic performance will be adversely affected.


This week seems to be very good for matters pertaining to your health and fitness levels. Most of the time student this week, you will enjoy reasonably good health. Refrain from eating junk food to keep your digestive system in order. It will be a great idea to join a gym or a health club. Inculcating a habit of exercising every morning will help you remain fit. People middle aged and above will need to be careful with any old ailments that they had been suffering from during the past. It is recommended that you strictly follow any diet instructions laid down by your physician to avoid further complications.


The week seems to be pretty moderate as far as matters of your finance and money are concerned. Family and household expenses are going to increase substantially during this week. There is a distinct possibility of an increased inflow of finance. Your twelfth house is linked with expenses and monetary losses. Three planets are having a very negative influence upon this house. It will be a good idea to have enough contingency funds handy to deal with any kind of emergencies that arise. You are advised against taking any financial decisions in a haste or based upon impulse alone. Your overall financial situation during this week will be comfortable.


This is going to be a tough but satisfying week for matters related to your career growth and business. Planetary influences indicate a lot of progress for businessmen. Competition should not bog them down or affect them negatively. They should restructure and reformulate business strategies wherever necessary to increase their prospects of sales. Salaried employees will remain under constant pressure due to heavy workloads. They may be required to roll up the sleeves and prepare for working overtime. Their hard work and perseverance will pay off eventually and they will be able to comply with every demanding situation. Keep up the excellent work!

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