Know the Welcoming Abilities of the Emerald Stone


Gemstones are like twinkling stars that naturally occur in various colors and textures, which make them a visual pleasure to marvel at. Using gemstones as jewelry is an obvious choice and one that is on the rising trend curve today.

However, owing to their natural abilities and properties, people across different times have used gemstones as jewelry for various purposes throughout history. The Navaratans or nine sacred stones are considered to be very powerful stones throughout history.

The emerald stones are majestic, sparkling stones that have a deep green shade which makes people fall in love with it instantly. It is also considered a very powerful stone that is highly consequential and impactful on the lives of people.

The stone is a famous stone not only in Indian astrology but also in Greek culture as well and is said to be signified as a Greek Goddess as well. The gemstone is famously known as the gemstone of love.

However, its benefits run way deeper than just in gaining love. It has many other properties that make this emerald stone so divine.

Properties of the stone:

•  Appearance: The stone has a twinkling green color which is very attractive. Emerald is a stone that constitutes trace amounts of chromium and vanadium at times as well. Most emerald types are known famously for their toughness and unbreakable quality.

•  Ruling Planet: Mercury is the ruling planet of the stone also known as “Panna”, as per astrological beliefs. Mercury is a planet that signifies creativity and intelligence, along with confident communications. The wearer of this stone can be blessed with a great mind, a growing intellect, and will allow the wearer to open channels to progress.

For people in creative fields like writing, art, or music, wearing this stone is very beneficial. However, the stone also needs to be properly activated to yield benefits.

How to properly handle the stone

Before you officially buy the stone, a few basic steps need to be seen before understanding the stone’s compatibility with you.

1. Consult a professional and experienced astrologer who has an understanding of gemology and will help you tell if wearing the emerald stone is beneficial or malefic to you and if you will see any side-effects of the stone according to your horoscope.

2. You must know what weight and cut of the stone to buy, and which part of your body to wear it on, along with which metal to combine it with to give you the best results.

3. Knowing which day to wear the stone is also an essential step. Most times, wearing it on Wednesday mornings is most effective.

The benefits of wearing the stone

•  One of the greatest benefits of wearing this emerald stone is that the wearer can notice visible changes and spurts in their artistic and creative channels along with a better flow of communication and ideation of their thoughts.

•  It can provide acceleration in channeling the wearer’s intellect and enhances the ability to rationalize thoughts and actions.

•  It is a therapeutic stone, specifically for individuals who are struggling and have issues with focus and concentration or who cannot make strong decisions.

•  The stone is influenced by Mercury and channels its positive vibrations and energies, a planet known for its wit and name. Wearing the emerald can help the wearer achieve fame in the direction they put effort into.

•  People who are indecisive in conveying their thoughts and stutter in their speech can be benefitted by wearing an Emerald.

•  The stone is also known to provide emotional balance and inner strength. People going through tough times can wear this stone to give them the strength to get through these experiences.

Factors that determine good quality

Few factors tell you how good the quality of the stone is. When you wear an emerald, you want to ensure that it is of great quality and is not riddled with impurities.

  • Origin: The stones can be found in Colombia, Brazil, Pakistan, and Australia. Colombian emeralds are considered to be the highest quality of emeralds.
  • Color: The value of this stone is high if it has saturated and consistent color throughout.

Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight not mentioned

Emerald stones are beautiful stones that give the wearer a rich, lush, and accented look. They are beautiful, light, and easy to wear and are highly sustainable in terms of jewelry. Apart from being beneficial, they are also aesthetically pleasing and can be the star of the show, no matter what you decide to wear.

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