Kinemagic: Creating a Brave New Virtual World in Troubling Times

The year 2020 has certainly left a vast path of destruction. Among other devastating outcomes, the new year put businesses, industries, schools — you name it — through the wringer. Devastation and tragedy have been at the forefront of the news for months as COVID-19 has ravaged its way across the globe.

Lately, in the business sector, we hear more and more glimmers of hope. However, the way the world works is likely changed forever. Still, with software pioneers such as Kinemagic taking charge, we can see that not all of the change is unwelcome.

Kinemagic’s software, Stratus

Physically located in New Orleans, LA, evolutionary software pioneer Kinemagic has had its nose to the grindstone since the onset of the pandemic shutdown. And their diligence paid off. In July, Kinemagic announced their state of the art virtual reality creation Stratus now has Point Cloud Integration. This upgrade allows point cloud overlay onto CAD models for mind-blowing 3D representations of physical locations, including entire buildings.

One significant benefit of this technology is seeing how construction progresses while also making sure designs fit perfectly with an existing building. CEO and Founder Brian Lozes says Stratus converts massive CAD designs to immersive virtual reality experiences with a simple click of the mouse. “When someone captures 360° laser scans of an environment, we can overlay that real-time point cloud over the CAD model.  This affords a VR view of how construction or repair is going while also ensuring that any design fits seamlessly with an existing facility,” said Brian Lozes, Kinemagic CEO and founder. “Enhancement like this is unprecedented with massive data sets and ushers in an entirely new level of design precision.”

The ability to do anything virtually is a hot commodity, and Kinemagic is at the top of their game. Bringing the Point Cloud Integration Tool to Stratus has enhanced the ability to provide greater visual accuracy to virtual reality models. And this lifelike experience is just the breakthrough struggling businesses need to boost work from home motivation and productivity.

Changing focus

Realizing the apparent disconnect teams were suffering while working from home, Loze and Kinemagic started shifting gears. They began focusing on how their technology could not only be a solution to a current problem but also how it would be a game-changer in the long run.

In short, Stratus is designed to connect the physical conference room, office, or other meeting places to the remote workers not on site. Stratus allows remote workers to collaborate in a 3D virtual space, not just through a flat computer screen. The enhanced sense of togetherness cannot help but increase focus and productivity rather than promote boredom and disengagement.

Changing the world of work forever

Now that the world is getting acclimated to all remote work can offer, it’s safe to say there’s no going back. When a company can slash travel budgets and add the casualties to their bottom line, the way we do business is changed forever. And Stratus technology can do just that. By drastically reducing the need for employee travel, companies can save some serious cash.

From sales pitches to journalistic reporting — from classroom learning to the travel industry — virtual experiences can put people in new surroundings almost instantly. Now that Kinemagic has blazed a path beyond the two-dimensional world of video calls and screen meetings, more virtual opportunities will continue to arise.

Five months ago, a work from home order sent shock waves around the world. Kinemagic’s announcement of adding Point Cloud Integration to Stratus in July is proof that innovative developers like Kinemagic will take the call when needed.

What’s new for Kinemagic?

Kinemagic has training modules and applications for every type of company in a concentrated effort to make working from home the new normal. As more and more businesses jump on the virtual bandwagon, Kinemagic is once again adjusting to new challenges. They have extended their free trial period so more people can have a better work from home experience. Due to overwhelming popularity, Kinemagic has a new work from home software product coming soon. This development’s main goal is to enable an even wider audience.

A beacon in a storm

In a world where devastation comes unannounced, and the aftermath is life-altering, the skepticism regarding change is understandable. A few short months ago, the business realm sat teetering between business as usual and a brave new world. Software entrepreneurs like Brian Loze and his company Kinemagic became a beacon in the storm, guiding business to a new virtual dimension. And for those who have experienced what Stratus can do for their company, it’s safe to say there’s no going back to a time when the world was flat.

Sometimes tragedy brings about positive change.  Kinemagic and its Stratus software have made sure that 3D virtual technology has a place in the business sector.  This is one positive change that will be around long after the necessity of working from home has faded. For even more information be sure to follow Kinemagic on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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