Is Homeschooling a good option during COVID-19 era?

FILE PHOTO: Children wearing protective face masks sit in a classroom at a primary school, as Austrian schools reopen for pupils aged roughly six to 14, during the global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Brunn am Gebirge, Austria

When kids are educated at home rather than sending them to brick and mortar educational institutions, it is homeschooling. In this kind of education, parents are liable for acting, just like how typical teachers do in a regular school setup. They also use the same standard curriculum, but teaching their kids is primarily within their discretion. In some cases, parents would hire capable and skilled tutors to teach their kids. In some countries, homeschooling is regulated by the state. The person acting as “teacher” would be the one in charge to report the child’s progress to the administration based on the predefined regulations.

Homeschooling and Coronavirus

Homeschooling is starting to become a widespread practice in different countries for many reasons, including the high price of education in private schools and the low quality of that offer in public institutions of learning.

Some parents feel that this approach is the correct option, mainly because they dwell on the advantages they and their child would gain and experience when undertaking this method. Coronavirus has also added to the parent’s worries. The virus is contagious, and parents are scared to send their kids to school.

Homeschooling is an excellent alternative to taking a year-drop and staying at home, and this article will explore a few expected benefits of studying at home. 

  1. Parents are patient enough to focus on teaching their children, and the personal attention that the kid gets would mean greater chances of understanding and learning things. With a more personalized approach to teaching, some children can improve more and learn faster. Compared to the general practice in ‘teaching’ performed in a standard learning institution wherein some kids are likely to develop inferiority complexes with faster learners. It is a general knowledge that every kid is different from each other when it comes to understanding ability; this is an aspect that is better administered when parents decide to consider enrolling their kids to at-home school.
  2. This learning option allows the children to engage in community activities, increasing their confidence, and discovering their personality in a fun way. Since there are no pressures in finishing assignments and attending exams, kids are bound to learn better as they enjoy every part of the process. All activities help create a happy and confident disposition for the kids, which most parents desire.
  3.  Working parents who are hiring tutors for homeschooling their kids appreciate the idea that they can request a change of location. This is very helpful for those who are transferring sites now and then. They can proceed to do so without endangering the schooling of their children. Additionally, children and parents are not obliged to wake up early to catch the school bus, which is great for kids who find it hard to wake up early in the morning. Parents are also confident that their kids are safe at home, knowing that they can reach them through the smartphone anytime.
  4. Homeschooling allows parents and their kids to spend a greater amount of time together. You see, kids on typical schooling need to comprehend a standard schedule predefined before the school year opens, which limits the time for them to spend together when they wish to. Thus, the former is desired by many parents who are looking forward to spending longer quality time with their kids to intensify family bonding.
  5. Plus, it’s the Coronavirus era. The virus spreads through touch, taste, and even air. There is no vaccine for the virus. The schools are mostly closed, and those schools that restarted 45 days ago are closed again after infecting 2000 kids in the United States.

Yes, communication skills and maturity only comes with school interaction, but during the COVID era, reverse globalization is taking place. The world is moving away from each other again. All public properties in most countries are closed, and we don’t know when the world will be back on track. What do you think? Is homeschooling a better alternative, especially during the COVID era? 

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