Insurance for the Cannabis Industry: Made Just For You


Did you ever feel that when shopping for coverage, the broker or agent didn’t know a single thing about your business? And if that’s the case, how could they recommend insurance that would be adequate for your needs? Doesn’t it make more sense to buy insurance from someone specializing in the coverage needs of the business you are in?

At The Feingold Companies, we are specialists when it comes to insuring your specific business. Whether you produce for recreational or medicinal purposes, we specialize in providing you with the right type of coverage in only the right amounts to ensure you are protected from business risks. What follows are just a few of the areas of interest you can buy to protect your business and your products.

Growers of Cannabis

Regardless of where you are in the cannabis business, you still own a company concerned with the same things that every other business owner is involved with. General liability insurance protects you from all the aspects of a business that might not otherwise come under the specialized heading of cannabis. Slip and fall injuries would occur under this category. Another area that is of common concern to growers is crop insurance. After all, your product is a crop, just like any other agricultural commodity.

Manufacturers of Cannabis Products

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s said of many businesses, but it’s true also of the cannabis business. After all, there are many products available that are derivatives of cannabis. There are also related businesses such as hydroponics stores, cultivation schools, oil extractions businesses, and much more.

Cannabis Storefronts

Like few other businesses before it, cannabis has revolutionized an industry to become one like no other. Therefore, it is essential for those who have a business storefront like any other that they protect their investment with adequate insurance. Unfortunately, just as is the case with manufacturers, cannabis storefronts come in many types, each with protection needs.


Just as is the case with so many other businesses, the Internet has revolutionized the cannabis industry. Any business owner who sells cannabis through the Internet should seriously consider purchasing cyberliabliity insurance to protect themselves from anything that arises through the sale of their product over the cybertrails.

Suppose there is one good thing in all of this: In that case, only the Feingold Companies have the experience to offer insurance covering so many different aspects of the cannabis industry and its operations that no other company even comes close to the product lines offered. The Feingold Companies have more experience covering more areas of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts than anyone else. Why not call them for a fast and free quote? Besides this, the Feingold Companies have the carrier relationships to create coverage for even the most complicated businesses. Whether medicinal or recreational, the Feingold Companies specializes in placing the right insurance policy fast and easy to understand quotes with no additional fees.

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