How To Take Care of Your Lawn in Summer


Summer is officially here! And with it comes blossoming daisies, sunbathers in bikinis, and melting popsicles. But there is another effect of summer that no one can ignore, and that is proper lawn maintenance. Yes, you heard it right. This is the season to shed some sweat and blood into making sure that your yard is lush and beautiful all through the summer.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, grass lawns are a must-have feature of home development. A well-groomed, evenly laid out landscape of bright green grass is a sure-shot way of making even the modest home appear as a luxurious mansion. This is where the practice of lawn preservation comes in. Lawn care and maintenance is more than an art, it is a skill that needs to be mastered.

Just ask any yard care expert and he is bound to tell you the same. While regular lawn maintenance mostly involves continuously feeding and mowing the grass, come summer season these simple tricks don’t always work. Due to the scorching heat in summer, your yard is likely to lose twice as much moisture which quickly turns it into an ugly, dirt-brown patch of nothing!To help protect and preserve your summer lawn in its natural healthy state, here are a few highly recommended strategies to follow:

  1. Early bird gets the worm

Across the globe, summer season is becoming increasingly deadlier as temperatures often rise to unprecedented levels. In this case, have you ever wondered about when you plan to water the lawn?

Thanks to summer, activating the sprinklers anytime during the middle of the day is useless as all the water is bound to evaporate in a matter of seconds.

But drenching your grass lawn after sunset does not work either owing to the risks of fungal infestations. So, when is the best time to adequately irrigate your landscape? The answer lies at the break of dawn.

Even if you are not necessarily a “morning person”, watering your lawn anywhere between 6am to 10am can prove extremely beneficial. Not only does it help you save precious water, but it also prevents the soil underneath from losing any nutrients.

  • Covering the whole nine yards

It is fair to say that nearly 90 percent of lawn care is watering the grass regularly and efficiently. This is especially true in the summer season where there is a high risk of your beautiful yard transforming into parched earth. To keep up the vibrant, healthy look of the grass, another useful tip is to make sure that the water seeps into the soil.

It can be recalled that grass is, after all, a type of plant that carries out photosynthesis and grows roots deep into the soil. However, a unique feature of grass that is often ignored is that it is quite used to warm climates. In fact, grass can thrive and usually grows its roots during the summer season.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to soak the entire landscape until the water is reaches a depth of at least 5 inches from the surface. If you would like to check how far the water is going, just dig a blade or small shovel into the lawn and see if you can spot any moisture in what comes up.

  • Cutting above the rest

Anyone who is even remotely familiar with lawn maintenance knows that summer season is a crucial time in yard care. For starters, grass is a type of plant that flourishes under warm sunlight. This means that the grass attached to your lawn is most likely to sprout roots which venture deep into the earth during this season.

Deep-rooted grass has its own benefits as the entrenchments can sometimes find underground water sources, and the grass is able to replenish itself all on its own. However, all these developments below-ground can be severely hindered if you decide to cut your grass short.

By decreasing the length of the grass blades, you are also diminishing the sheltering effect that grass has on the soil to keep it cool. Usually, specialists in yard care recommend that you mow your lawn in a way that retains about 2-3 inches of grass length.

For that, investing few bucks in a good lawn mower is nice decision. It makes you job easy and joyful too.

  • As sharp as a blade

Speaking of mowing, another essential tactic of maintaining your lawn during the summer is by giving adequate care and attention to the lawnmower itself. Regardless of its size or type, lawnmowers are sophisticated machinery that need to be frequently inspected. During this inspection, make sure to check the sharpness of your mower’s cutting blade.

The professionals working in the lawn maintenance and gardening sector often emphasize that a dull blade is often terrible news. When the grass is cut using a flat blade, it is unable to cleanly slice through the grass which ends up giving the entire lawn a sort of ragged look. Additionally, improperly cut grass also increases the risk of browning.

  • The grass is greener here

In all honesty, maintaining a lawn all through the scorching heat of summer can be quite a time taking task. Despite doing everything right, there is a significant chance that your lawn might turn brown or simply dry up. In such cases, it may be best to approach professionals in the industry to take care of the rest.Gardeners and yard care experts will always work round the clock to get rid of any lawn pests, fertilize the landscape, and revive it to its original green glory!

Final Verdict

Si, you’ve got enough ideas to take care of your lawn in summer. Be assured, these basic tips can help you keeping your backyard clean and maintained. Although, I prefer to invest a few bucks in getting new tools to make my job interesting and easy.

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