How to Style Your Khadi Sarees this Summer

Say Khadi, and the very first thing that comes to our mind is the image of Mahatma Gandhi spinning the fabric on his famous Charkha. Yes, Khadi, also known as Khaddar, has long been associated with the Indian Freedom Movement. 

It lost ground in the post-independence days but is now making a comeback because of its style and comfort quotient. To all those who don’t know about this traditional Indian fabric, it is hand-spun made from natural cotton. What makes this a huge hit amongst millennials is its soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

Wear it all day every day! What is unique about khadi sarees is that you don’t need to invest in a designer khadi saree to look stylish. With these simple styling tips, you can make your fashion statement even with plain cotton khadi saree. You can check out the exclusive collection of khadi sarees online as well.

Drape it Around the Neck

Go all out and show your eternal love for the six-yard drape by regularly pleating the saree and draping the pallu around the neck in the form of a scarf. Grab a pair of shades and leather to give a contemporary look to your traditional avatar.

Regular Drape

If your saree has an elaborate design on the pallu and something you can show off, a regular drape is in order. Drape it like you would do with any other regular saree and let the pallu hang loosely along with your hands. To up the style quotient, tie your hair up in a bun so the pallu can draw attention. 

Heavy Blouse

Give your plain khadi saree an elegant look by pairing it with a heavy blouse! Wear it to a party, a formal gathering, or even to the office, you’re sure to make heads turn. Choose from brocade, printed, and Kutch work blouses. 

Switching the traditional cotton saree into a groovy stylish drape doesn’t take much effort. Pair with matching oxidized jewelry and you’ve got what you call perfection. 

Butterfly Style

Look like a celebrity or a model right out of fashion show with a butterfly-style draped khadi saree.  Pleat the pallu and spread it around your torso in a butterfly-like structure while the pallu rests on your shoulder. This style is particularly recommended for a sensuous and elegant look if you have a tall, lean build.

Few Helpful Saree Styling Tips

Above are some of the stylish ways you can drape a saree, but, hey, do you know how to drape a saree perfectly? Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are some vital saree related tips that’ll help you look your best!

Choose the right Petticoat – Although it stays behind the saree, it plays a vital role in giving you the perfect drape. Petticoats are available in different fabrics from cotton, silk, crepe, etc. If you’re wearing a cotton or handloom saree, cotton petticoat works best. Also, irrespective of the fabric of the petticoat you wear, make sure the drawstrings are in cotton for a snug fit.

No Wrinkles – When you wear the petticoat, even out any wrinkles or creases in the front else, your pleats won’t come out the right way. 

Saree Pins –Some ladies, especially those who are not too confident with sarees, use too many pins to ensure that saree does not come off from anywhere. That’s the biggest mistake you could make with a saree. A maximum of four or five pins for a beginner should be fine. 

Too many pins kill the shape and look of the saree. Also, go for saree colored pins, so it doesn’t look odd. Use pins in a way that they’re covered under the drape of the saree.

Printed Sari –If you want to hide those extra pounds and appear slimmer, choose a printed saree. This way the focus is on the prints and not on your curves.

From huts to the fashion shows, khadi sarees have indeed come a long way. It is the preferred fabric for anyone looking for a simple yet classy look. From Khadi cotton, Khadi silk, Khadi handloom, KhadiPattu to Pure Khadi there is a wide range of khadi sarees for every occasion. 

You can buy it from state emporiums, Khadi outlets, or choose from a curated collection of khadi sarees online for your choicest pick. After all, as they say, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”.

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