How to Strive Towards Success


Many times we attain degrees of success, and we feel as if we have entered. But, that’s a reality that is not true. As long as you are alive, it would help if you always strived to achieve more.

A definition I read of success is the gradual recognition of a worthwhile goal. That’s deep. That definition talks volumes about you, your career, your business, or whatever it is that you may be working on. The purpose of achievement is found in obtaining a unique goal. That’s the journey and the path that you should strive amid all the obstacles or distractions that may try to get you off the track.

We have to make it a point not to get settled in our success:

  1. Settling leads to complacency. 
  2. Complacency leads to routine. 
  3. Routine leads to boredom. 
  4. Boredom leads to passivity. 
  5. Passivity leads to inactivity. 

You don’t ever want to get the thought, “Yeah, I’ve accomplished a few times doing a few things. Whoohoo!” But, what happens after the first time, or the second time, or the fourth?

Here are four elements that I think help to add animation and virtue to you and your business. If you have a career that you are seeking, that’s awesome too. I call these the Four Qualities of Leadership Evolution.

1. Change of Self

To be a success, the first change is going to have to begin with you. In some cases, you may have to re-invent yourself to process your mind to be successful at whatever you are trying to accomplish. The real you is shown in, and comes from, your expertise and journeying in your area of effort. You have to take all of your skills and use them to help change work in you for the better.

2. Change In Your Career

When you set your sight to advance in your career, you will need to analyze a couple of projections. One, what required end are you going to? Two, What are the goals that you want to achieve? Three, is there a way for you to push beyond where you are right now?

When we talk about change, we discuss ways to position yourself to get the most out of your efforts. To maximize sometimes calls for you to make some changes. To experience more significant success measures in your career or business may call for some money to be made.

3. Change In Your Target Audience

When you think about business, maybe you have a particular group of people you are trying to reach. Perhaps you have been a leader to a degree in your business or career, but there is always room for growth. Remember, just because you have encountered success levels in times past doesn’t mean that you have arrived yet. You and I could better ourselves to experience more than we have at this point in our efforts.

A change of perspective in reaching out to your target audience could mean another level of success and a more intimate relationship to them. You have to have a desire within for your target group and how you can offer a valuable bonus to them. If you are a person who isn’t involved in the business, see how a change in your life could help you to add success and value to those who are in your surroundings.

4. Change For Your World

This is when you can assess your journey of success. When I have made changes within myself, changes in how I address others, I can look at how I can change my world. That is one of the most prominent joys in success; when adjustment from you is on a worldwide level.

“How can I change the world? I’m only one individual,” you may say. But, little by little, the change you exercise from yourself to others could mean transferring that change from person to person. I believe that everyone was meant to touch someone or someone’s life for the better. It’s bigger than a game; it’s about changing on a higher level for you and others.

If you want to experience significant authority levels on this journey, you may have to make individual adjustments to reach out further than you’ve gone before. This journey is about being the best so that you will forever have the best.

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