How to Straighten Teeth at Home?

Indeed, wearing braces for extensively longer about 18 months to 24 months is daunting for everybody. But on the other hand, being crazy about getting a perfect smile is a human tendency as well as a dire necessity. This is why almost 70% of the US population prefer to go for an orthodontic treatment to set their misaligned teeth right.

Besides doing away with your crooked smile, you can also benefit abundantly by straightening your misaligned teeth such as:

  • Prevent improper and inconvenient chewing
  • Can clean your teeth efficiently and appropriately leading to effective prevention of tooth decay, gingivitis, cavities, etc.
  • Prevent teeth straining and risk of the tooth breaking
  • Improve jaws and muscle health
  • Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem

Therefore, straightening your teeth is inevitable but how do you ensure that you have misaligned teeth is tricky. However, if you have problems in the teeth it simply does not mean that you need to straighten your teeth.Therefore, you need to essentially consult an orthodontist and not a dentist to ensure that you need to straighten your teeth. 

You might also be astonished to listen that not a dentist, but an orthodontist can only provide you with the appropriate solution regarding the issues of straightening your teeth. Orthodontists are specialized in training about the development of tooth as well as facial form in addition to dentistry.

Once you are certain that you must straighten your teeth you need to determine what exactly to go for, whether you go for braces or prefer straightening the teeth at home. You have plenty of options with the contemporary orthodontists such as incognito hidden braces, retainers, headgear, dental veneers, Invisalign and impressions invisible aligners etc. to address your teeth misalignment issue.

How Can You Straighten Your Teeth Naturally at Home?

Treating your crocked and misaligned teeth and getting away with your ugly smiles is often an expensive procedure. Eventually, expensive remedies can treat your problems within a shorter timespan but not as quickly as the way you expect. But when it comes to expense, it is certainly higher than you expect. Therefore, you can opt for home treatment instead. However, take a note of the following few important factors before you go for a home remedy to straighten your teeth naturally.

  • As stated earlier, the process and outcome of natural home-based teeth straightening method is extensively time taking in comparison to clinical dentistry.
  • Home remedies are advisable for minimal or modest teeth misalignment issues and if you have severely crooked teeth, you may not benefit much from straightening them at home.
  • You must never start with a home remedy for straightening your teeth without consulting a research board-certified orthodontist.

Natural and Home-based Teeth Straightening Methods:

  1. Be Conscious of Your Sleeping Postures and the Habit of Leaning Your Face on Your Hand:

The inward overlapping of teeth, as well as crowding of teeth, usually happen when continuous and gentle pressure over the teeth point them towards inward growth. This pressure is mostly created when you sleep on your stomach and support your head or face by your arm or a strong pillow.

Eventually, the entire pressure of your head and face from above lead your teeth towards inside growth and the same with the pressure by the arm to your other jaw. Therefore, the best way is to sleep on your back and check the misalignment of teeth and straighten them. Similarly, leaning your face on your hand can also cause teeth misalignment which you need to be aware of and get rid of the habit.

  • Start with Finger and tongue pressure:

Straightening the misaligned teeth by putting gentle pressure by your finger and tongue is one of the easiest methods you can practice at your home. Once you find out the direction to put mild pressure by your orthodontist start with the process cautiously. Remember, your palate and gums are delicate and are comprised of very soft and sensitive tissues.

Even a little hard pressure by your finger can damage the gum and teeth resulting in major complications of oral and dental health. The mild pressure created by your tongue is rather safer in comparison finger pressure, but it may not be as effective as the finger. 

  • Try Dental Floss:

Flossing is another effective and popular method to naturally straighten misaligned teeth at home. Regular flossing is essential and important for everybody to maintain dental and oral hygiene and recommended by dentists. You can just add an extra component of creating pressure on the misaligned teeth towards your intended direction every time you floss. However, you need to be very cautious while creating pressure through flossing and make it mildly.

  • Other Popular Methods:

Other popular methods include using clear plastic aligners which are faster. This removable and simple device can work effectively to straighten your crooked teeth. You can also go for closing any gap in between your teeth caused by missing teeth. Besides, you can look for lingual braces which are somewhat similar to traditional braces. Similarly, think of the palatal expander, fixed or removable retainer, dental veneers, dental contouring, Herbst appliances, headgear, composite bonding andgum lifting for better and faster results.

Eventually, the bottom line of straightening your teeth at home is beyond debate a better option provided you have enough patience to wait for long to get the desired result. However, consulting a research board-certified orthodontist is inevitable which you must never ignore.

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