How to Spend a Weekend in San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the most captivating and vibrant cities in the United States of America. Perched in Texas, it is also one of the largest cities on the continent, and spending your weekend there is fascinating. This piece will show you how to make your weekend trip to San Antonio, also known as Alamo City. 

Where to Stay in San Antonio

Fortunately, there are countless hotels, inns and private accommodation spaces all over San Antonio. However, it is advisable that you stay close to the city center because from there, you can effortlessly reach out to the major tourist sites. It is good to stay close to or around the iconic River Walk, which is also close to many dining spaces and restaurants. 

Those who wish to stay in luxury hotels or posh apartments should go to Westin Riverwalk and nearby hotels. These hotels offer first-class luxury services, from the tastiest dishes to the river’s stunning views and supreme customer service. 

Itinerary for a Weekend in San Antonio 

As you will be spending just a couple of days in San Antonio, you will be glad to know that you can easily walk around the city. Your itinerary will feature the legendary San Antonio Walk area on Saturday and, of course, the San Antonio Missions the following day. You can blend in a few other sites on both days. This way, you will be able to cover some of the most exciting places in San Antonio in the weekend! 

Friday Evening: San Antonio River Walk

For those who get to the city on Friday evening, start your weekend with a delicious meal on the San Antonio River Walk, which is a fantastic collection of pathways along the river stretching for 15 miles. It has catchy restaurants on both sides, and you need to take time to dig into some classic Texan BBQ or the most delicious tacos made by Mexicans. Lovers of Texan barbecue will have more than enough options in this area. 

You can also check out some garnished seafood, grilled steak, and real, local salads at any of the eateries. As you enjoy your culinary trip, you can visit some of the most attractive sites in the city. San Antonio has a lot of them, so you will not have a dull evening. 

Saturday: Walking Tour

Morning: Arriving at the San Antonio Alamo

Once you finish your Texan breakfast, you can start the weekend in the city by visiting the Alamo. One of the most famous destinations in the city, the Alamo, is a historic site of the Alamo’s unforgettable battle in 1863. Historical records show that it was one of the most crucial battles during the campaign of independence for Texas. This battle resulted in Texas’s independence from Mexico, which later became a part of the United States of America in 1945. The Alamo was established as a fortress and mission compound by Roman Catholic missionaries. 

Afternoon: Lunch Time

After finishing your Alamo tour, head to the river Walk’s upper section till you get to the Main Plaza. Continue your walk until you get to the Historic Market Square, which is full of shops of different varieties alongside restaurants. 

This area has some of the best Mexican restaurants in all of Texas. Grab a chilled drink and order some excellent Tex-Mex dish while savoring the beautiful environment and scenery. The atmosphere is vivacious, and you will realize very quickly that you are in the heart of Texas. 

Afternoon: Enjoying San Antonio River Walk

Your weekend excursion to San Antonio remains incomplete if you do not walk down and enjoy some river cruising of the famous San Antonio River Walk. Energized with the delicious Tex-Mex dish, you are now ready for this phase of your weekend trip. 

As you walk along, you are still going to see countless eateries and shopping spots full of excited tourists and exciting information not only about San Antonio but Texas as a whole. Please take advantage of every sight and make the most of it. When you are done with walking, you can then get a ticket and enjoy the riverboat cruise. The river cruise is one of the most critical parts of your itinerary. It lasts for about half an hour, and you will have the boat driver telling you everything interesting about the culture, landmarks, history of San Antonio and how the river Walk itself came to be. For the most stunning sights, you should take the river cruise at night. 

Night – Refreshment at Pearl Brewery

On Saturday evening, get your new friends and head for Pearl Brewery, just a few miles away from the River Walk. It is an old brewery that is now a fine blend of restaurants, shopping centers, and events. Here, you and your friends can select the best dining options from different parts of Texas and even beyond. You will also enjoy the lovely evening ambiance and the soulful music that fills the air. 

Sunday – Tour San Antonio Neighborhoods and Missions

Morning – Visit the King William Historic District to the south of San Antonio.

This impressive site was constructed in the 19th century, and it features mansions, classic bars, and cafes with designs from the Victorian era. It is just a mile from the River Walk, so you can walk to the place and check out the historic houses. 

Afternoon – Checkout San Antonio Trail

All the five Spanish Missions (church buildings) in San Antonio are linked together by the San Antonio Mission Trail. You can get there by car, or you take a bus direct from the Alamo. On your trail, make sure you visit at least two of the missions. 

Evening – Dinner at the Blue Star Arts Complex

After your fantastic tour of the Mission Trails, you can end your weekend by visiting the Blue Star Arts Complex for the most sumptuous meals ever.

That wraps it up for your weekend to the eternally beautiful city of San Antonio!

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