How to Set Up a Commercial Lighting System for Small Businesses

Looking forward to starting a business?

If you want to launch a business, you must have every aspect covered. Doing this not only ensures your grand opening goes well but also helps you keep your business looking professional throughout the years.

One aspect that most business owners don’t think too much about is the lighting. Most think setting up a good commercial lighting system is as easy as going to the store and picking out any bulb. You need to put more thought into it if you want the lighting to help you sell your products or help your employees become more productive.

Here’s a guide on how you can set up the best lighting system to complement your business. Read on to help your business or your employees be more productive.

1. Opt for Modern Lightbulbs

You should always put a priority on modern bulbs. This is because they’re brighter than traditional bulbs and are more beneficial to most business operations. Their main appeal for businesses is in their durability, though.

Modern lighting fixtures and bulbs will help you cut commercial lighting costs. This is because they will last longer than traditional light bulbs. You can make use of them for a longer time before they fizz out.

They also last longer because they won’t break like traditional bulbs. They can handle more pressure and extreme temperatures, making them perfect for outdoor and factory use.

2. Know the Types of Lighting That You Need

There are different ways a good commercial lighting system can affect your business. This will depend on what your business is. Here’s a small list of the different lighting styles and how you can use it for your business.

Accent Lighting

This lighting effect is best used for highlighting spots, products, and key areas in a business. They’re perfect for retail businesses that want to highlight a special product.

These can draw customers to a specific area to help you sell the stock there. You can also use these lights to draw your employees to certain areas for work. It can be for productivity or for leisure.

Task Lighting

If you want to focus on helping the productivity in the workplace, task lighting is what you want to have installed. These illuminate areas that people use to do most of their work.

Setting up some bright lights here ensures that the workers avoid eye strains. It also affects their mood since a bright workplace keeps them productive throughout the day.

Decorative Lighting

This kind of lighting is another one for retail businesses. Decorative lighting gives all the benefits that accent lighting gives. It can also help you sell products as long as you point it to a specific area.

The main use of decorative lighting is to establish the tone of your business. This lighting focuses on fixtures that appeal to the customers. These also set a certain aesthetic to your commercial space.

You can use chandeliers to set a sophisticated tone. Track lights can set a new-found tone that can appeal to the younger generations.

You can also use line lights to light up the entire space. What you can do with these is change the colors to set certain moods in your store.

Ambient Lighting

Also known as general lighting, you use this type of lighting to fill in the gaps between your other fixtures. This is to make customers feel more comfortable as they walk into your store.

This is because they won’t see any dark areas in the store. This is what churches use to make people feel at home in any church. Learn how to set up a church lighting system and use it for your commercial building today.

3. Color and Brightness

The color of your bulb can also have an impact on your commercial space. A bright bulb can give off warmer tones. This is great if you live in a cold area and want your customers to spend time in your store.

The brightness also affects how your customers will react. Natural light will make customers feel more comfortable in the area. A softer light will be brighter and will help customers be more active in looking for products to buy.

4. Different Choices for Bulbs

Picking the right bulbs means you must know what you need for your business. Here are the best bulbs to use in a business.

Halogen Bulbs

These are the cheapest bulbs you can buy in retail stores. You get what you paint for as it also has the shortest operating life. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good option, though.

Halogen bulbs are still great for small businesses who need to cut costs. They’re bright enough to help employees by being great task lights.

Fluorescent Bulbs

These are better options if you have a large area to light up. This is because fluorescent bulbs have a bar variant. These allow you to illuminate a larger area while using fewer bulbs than normal.

Most fluorescent bulbs only come in the cool white spectrum. This means that you will only have white light in your store if you use these bulbs. This is a big reason for other businesses to use the next bulb on our list.

LED Bulbs

These are popular for all retail stores because it has many choices for brightness and color. They’re also the best bulbs because they’re renewable. Their energy-efficiency helps them use up to 80 percent less energy, too.

The only problem is that they’re the most expensive bulbs. With how long they last, though, it can still be a better investment than most bulbs.

Set Up a Commercial Lighting System Today

A good commercial lighting system can make your business look beautiful and professional. Set up one now and watch your business light up today!

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