How to Relax During a Time of Crisis with Dr. Krishna Bhatta


2020 has been an epically stressful year filled with apocalyptic news headlines, the COVID-19 crisis, and a major rise in depression and anxiety around the world.  Stress and anxiety can completely wreak havoc on your body if you let it take over your life. The long-term effects on stress not only take a toll on your heart and overall health, but it can also weaken your immune system.

For years, there has been such a strong focus on exercising and eating right. Fad diets and new exercise routines have all come and gone, but now is the time to focus on mental health and inner happiness. If you are able to find a balance between the body and mind, only then can you find happiness within your soul.

Dr. Krishna Bhatta is a surgeon, author, and inventor who has been on his own meditative journey for years. He developed Relaxx, an app that helps users with the journey to peace, happiness, relaxation, and tranquility. This app works as your own personal relaxation leader, guiding you through various meditations and intermittent silence.

What is intermittent silence?

Intermittent silence is comprised of four core practices that allow you to absorb the silence around you, while resting and resetting your brain. Words can carry great power, but with all of the communication and stimuli happening each day, it is sometimes important to take a step back and just listen instead of talk.

In order to practice intermittent silence, you simply need to do the following:

1. Close your mouth and not speak for 10 minutes.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Silently listen.

4. Silently watch the thoughts transiting the mind.

By taking part in this simple practice for 10 minutes, you are breaking out of your daily routine and allowing your mind a chance to rest.

Individualized Relaxation

Besides practicing intermittent silence, Relaxx offers five distinct categories, including: body, mind, flame (of consciousness), meditation, and intermittent silence. Each of these categories allows you to tap into your inner thoughts and wellbeing. Each user can select which routine would best suit their needs. With Relaxx, you have your choice between guided or unguided practices that will bring you a feeling of inner peace and calm.

Reset and Recharge

If you feel as though you are trying to traverse the world through a dense fog, maybe you just need a brain reset. Being able to relax your brain can give you a whole new perspective on the day. Before you know it, you will be skipping through your daily tasks, rather than drowning in them.

As soon as you are able to let go of your stress and find a balance of your mind and body as one, you can find peace and tranquility throughout each day. If you don’t have your own spiritual and well-being guru present, Relaxx is the next best thing to help guide you toward inner peace and happiness.

You can begin your journey to wellness and relaxation today by visiting and downloading your pocket guru.

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