How to Recognise and Survive Female Midlife Crisis?

By midlife, a lady may have fulfilled most of her dreams but then find herself yearning for a new direction. She wants something new, but it seems beyond her capacity to grasp what she should be changing or pursuing. This search can become lengthy when she finds no fitting solution.

As a result, a lady may feel lost, confused, and held in uncertainty for a very long time. She knows the clock of ageing is ticking and it can make her anxious. This might be defined as being in a midlife crisis.

A culmination of factors often adds to this feeling of midlife confusion. Hormonal changes can alter a woman’s mood, which then changes her decision-making and thoughts. A woman may or may not know the powerful connection between her sense of well-being and her hormones.

Changes in the life phase may also be a push for midlife crisis emotions. A woman who was an at-home mom may see herself in a dilemma of what to do next once her kids are ready to leave home. Due to her husband’s job transfer, a woman who has moved may find herself in a dilemma once her world has been turned completely. Symptoms of pre-menopause may add to nervous highs and lows.

There are four stages associated with Female Midlife Crisis:

Denial Stage

The first among the stages of a midlife crisis is the denial stage. It is that point in life when the lady cannot accept that she is no longer young. She keeps on doing things that she feels can make her mix in with the new generation provoking her to go under the knife for cosmetic surgeries as if this can be the answer that can help dissolve the physical signs of aging starting to crawl into her skin. You can observe women dressing up in a fashion that is not suitable for their age, symbolizing that they show the usual signs and indications of middle-age crises.

Anger Stage

Because of being trapped in denial, feelings of anger displayed by hostility and assertiveness tend to come out. It may reach the extent that women can even shock and hurt others’ feelings. Being caught up in this situation puts them at a greater risk of being exposed to illicit behaviors, particularly with relationships that are not defined by mortality.

Replay Stage

Mostly men, but even a few women, are caught in this stage because they want to get away from the fact that they are growing older and their youthful days of vitality and vivaciousness are no longer how it was. This makes them excited to join younger girls in their drinking sessions and other fun adventures. The worst-case scenario is when they become so carefree that they end up falling for foolish relationships like having different partners and extramarital affairs, causing shattered family lives and broken homes.

Depression Stage

Women suffering from midlife crisis signs end up with perceptions of fear, causing them to create a significant distance from people trying to intervene and be more curious. They would stop and turn away when someone asks them to discuss this problem. They end up dodging everyone, thinking that they can manage the circumstances they are in.

Psychology of Female midlife crisis, which men should understand: 

What’s happening is that women finally understand themselves. Most women use the first thirty-five or so years of their lives trying to help others around them. Most women grow while nurturing others; unfortunately, it happens at the cost of their own needs. That’s unsustainable behavior and eventually, her well runs dry. Her inner resources depleted, she must turn inside to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

This process is entirely mysterious to the men in her life. Men don’t have the difficulty of feeling like they have to take care of everyone else before themselves. They understand that, as the airline attendants say, “you have to put your own oxygen mask on before you can help others.”

How can you, as a lady, survive the midlife crisis?

  • Workout. Nothing extreme, unless you want to fit in at 28” again, but move your hands and legs enough that it helps your mind.
  • Rediscovering Passion: Joining a computer coding club, an art school, or probably dancing can help us. I am learning a new computer language to cope up with the lockdown boredom. 
  • Buy: Change your cupboard, get new shoes, clothes, and even a makeup kit. Stop talking about your past glories. Just like a snake sheds it’s skin, shed your past. That time has moved on; even you should. 
  • Dress Accordingly: I am no one to alter your wardrobe, but I can only suggest you dress without any insecurities. 
  • Don’t change others: Sometimes, it’s not possible to drastically change your income or your man’s way of snoring all night. Change your attitude towards him instead.
  • Kids: Don’t burden your kids with unnecessary negativity. Give them the space to shine. 
  • Play Toys: They’re still way better than cheating on your spouse. If his little jimmy is always tired, a good flexible toy is better than hunting for a new man. 

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