How to Paint Pebbles in 9 Easy Steps


DIY Pebble Painting to Decorate your Home

Painting pebbles is a fun and therapeutic craft that will keep you engaged. Without further ado, let’s see how we can paint stones.

Before you start painting

Remove the dirt by properly cleaning and drying your pebbles: Pick pebbles from your backyard, and take them to your sink. Take a dish soap and soak it on a sponge. Lightly scrub all the pebbles. Remove all the filth and dirt on the stones. Once done, keep them on a towel and wait until it dries.

Smooth Surface: It can be challenging to paint a rough, uneven stone. Thus, smoothening it will solve this problem. Pick a piece of sandpaper and rub over any jagged, harsh edges of the pebble. Continue rubbing until the surface is uniform and smooth.

Choose a design: If you want to add colors to your garden, you can use solid colors for your stone. If you’re going to use it for other decorative purposes, you can pick almost any design possible.

Picture your Idea: Draw your idea on a scrap paper. Use a pencil and sketch your concept. Drawing doesn’t have to be perfect. Your focus should be on penning different ideas until you could find the most suitable design.

Time to Paint

Sketch this chosen design on the pebble: Freely draw or trace your chosen artwork on the stone. Keep your lines smooth.

Fill large portions of the design with acrylic paint: Pick a thin airbrush and dip into acrylic paint. Use smooth and swift motions to spread the paint over the surface of your stone. If you are working on intricate design, paint from back to front. For instance, if you’re painting a home in front of a sunset, paint the sky and sun colors before painting the house. Don’t worry if you spill some paint on your carpet or cloth; dish soap will rescue you. You may also use glow in the dark paints for a fancier and for a magical effect in the dark. You can find quality glow in the dark paints online.

Blow dryer: Dry off your paint with a hairdryer on low heat. If you have ample time, set your pebbles aside to let them dry naturally. It hardly takes a couple of hours.

Adding Details: Use a marker or chalk to color or sketch other elements of your design. Make sure your paint is completely dry because you use any crayons of chalk markets.

Varnish: Protect the painted area by applying a thin layer of varnish.

Once varnish feels dry after you gently tap it, then the pebbles are ready to be presented. Congratulations.

*For Basic Suggestions that could help you paint the pebbles more effectively.*

  1. Be Decisive With Your Strokes.
  2. Mixing Your Colors Is More Important Than You Think.
  3. Acrylic Paint Tends To Darken As It Dries.Remember this.
  4. Use Quality Materials for best results.

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