How to decorate your plain curtains and make it colourful


Curtains are an integral and important part of interior design. Curtains can be plain, bland, uninspiring, or boring and they can also be beautiful, colourful and incredibly majestic. It all depends on how the curtains are decorated. If you have plain curtains in your space and you are wondering how to add some colour to them, this piece will outline several ways by which you can do this decoration flawlessly. Below are steps that can be taken in this regard. 

Steps you can take to decorate your plain curtains

Do not ignore the rods

It is the rod that will hold up the curtains and many people do not even think that the rods are crucial but they are. Instead of going for the usual boring and industrial rods made of plastic, go for rods that are made from ornamental metal and you will see the difference. 

Make use of pom poms

Decorating your plain curtains does not have to be a stressful or expensive thing. By incorporating the use of pom-poms, the curtains can be radically transformed. Another nice thing with pom poms is that they are affordable and you can select any colour you want. 

Use trim and flowers with petal tassels

This is one of the most remarkable embellishments you can use to change the way your window looks. You can make the curtains look elegant or romantic by going for cloth flowers with pearl beaded centers. 

To do this, you will first sew braided trim alongside pearl beads on the external lining of the curtain. Gather the curtain in tieback fashion and fix the flower and pearl tieback. To enhance the look of elegance, you can even add some cream or silver. 

You never go wrong with scrunchie bow tiebacks made from satin

This adds a dash of gold and ivory to your curtains. To pull this off, you are going to make use of satin fabric and satin. Since you will be doing bulky scrunchies for the curtains, you will need relatively copious amounts of the materials. With this style, you can add not only colour to the curtains but even contrast and depth to your bland and lifeless curtains. You can take it a notch higher by going for other kinds of fabrics for different rooms. 

Blend in plastic bead tiebacks

Going for beads made from acrylic is an easy but effective way to add some zest and colour to your plain curtains. For anyone interested in changing appearance of the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or dining room, this is a very cost-effective and result-driven move. 

You can be more creative with these beads by going for the ones with various sizes and shapes. You can also decide to use a blend of beads with different colors. 

Go for embroidered ribbon

One of the most fashionable ways by which you can change the appearance of a plain curtain into a royal look is to incorporate embroidered ribbons. To get the adequate result, select a trim with a width that will match the length of the curtain. As it is also not appealing to go for a color that will not blend well with the curtain, select a colour that is either darker or lighter when compared to the curtain. This allows for proper contrast.

If your plain curtains are located in the bedroom or even the kitchen, this is a particularly effective method. If you have the skills, you can sew the ribbon you want yourself and even do the stitches. If you cannot do so, you can purchase the ribbons or hire professionals to get them done for you based on your concept of design. By the time you add these ribbons to your plain curtains, the difference will be very clear for everyone to see. 

Braid with tassel trim always works

This is one of the most elegant moves that can be made when it comes to decorating your plain curtains. In this method, you make use of a tieback that comes with a braid with tassel trim. The good thing is that many of the curtains today have tiebacks made from similar fabric. 

All you need to do is stitch the trim to the tieback. This is where you make your selection with the trims. Go for silvery alternatives if the curtains are in a formal room. Whatever you do, make sure you select a trim that works well with the entire design of the room. 

Utilize excellent tapestry trims

For those interested in adding class and magnanimity to their plain curtains, adding tapestry style trim is the way to go. Once again, go for a trim that blends perfectly with the color of the curtain itself. Of course, you can allow the curtains to maintain a free-flowing design or you can have everything packed up in a corner as a tieback. 

Flower tiebacks are cool

This is one of the easiest steps you can take when bringing plain curtains to life. As there are several kinds of flowers, you can also select the flower type you have in mind. You get to attach a bouquet to the plain curtains. Imagine a bunch of red roses attached to white curtains. It is immediately going to change the appearance of the room. 


Interior design is a big deal and curtains form an integral part. If the curtains are too bland and boring, there is no way the room will have the charm, finesse and elegance expected in the space. The good thing is that several steps can be taken to add color and life to the curtains. What this article aims to do is clearly outline and describe how so. If you are worried about your boring curtains, that is now a thing of the past and you can go for any of the suggestions here. 

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