How to Choose a Soundbar for your Home: 5 Key Tips

When you want to improve the weak sound of your television, without embarking on the complex installation and expensive of a home theater, the solution seems to be quite obvious: it’s a soundbar that you need.

However, the ideal model has not yet been found. There are a whole bunch of variations in the soundbar category, with different models having different capabilities, connections & sound qualities and at very wide price ranges. 

To be sure to find the right model for your use and budget, it is better to have a clear idea of ​​what you are looking for. Nothing better for this than a few simple rules.

So here, we will offer you 5 golden tips for choosing the right soundbar.

Define the use of your soundbar

Living room hi-fi systems are increasingly used in a multi-functional way. TV, gaming console, streaming devices, etc. must be able to be connected to it and the sound reproduction must be adapted to the use. If you love watching movies, choose a multi-channel system that allow sound spatialization, delivering an enveloping sound atmosphere. 

If you want to listen to music at high volume, look for a model with large speakers, thus having a good rendering in the midrange.

It is important to understand that the longer the soundbar will have to stay on and work hard, the more it is necessary to favor high-end equipment, the mechanical and electronic components of which will tire less.

Be well connected

While it seems obvious that all soundbars can connect to all televisions, there are a few things to pay attention to. 

Entry-level models do not always have an HDMI connection, which is very limiting depending on the configurations chosen for listening to music without turning on the television for example.

The wireless capabilities touted by manufacturers are sometimes only possible between devices of the same brand.

The Bluetooth connection is a real plus for using the soundbar independently to streaming music. Depending on all that is to be plugged in, be sure to check that there are enough connections for everyone.

The positioning

It is advisable to place your soundbar in line with the TV, usually just below. There are two ways to integrate a soundbar. It can either be placed on a piece of furniture or fixed to the wall.

While most soundbars have a square format so that they can simply be hung from the clips at the back, some have a rather flat form. This makes it possible to have a soundbar that remains close to the wall, with a very successful aesthetic effect. For those who know that they are going to hang their soundbar on the wall, we recommend this type of model.

Subwoofer or not?

Soundbars are sometimes very thin and have the same problem as modern televisions, namely difficulty in producing decent bass. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that to produce powerful bass you need a big speaker. In order to maintain their elegance, some soundbars come with a subwoofer the sole purpose of which is to take care of low frequencies.

This box can be positioned quite freely in the room, which facilitates its installation. Many manufacturers opt for wireless enclosures to avoid complicating life with cables.

Some slightly larger models, like the Yamaha YAS-105, integrate the bass speakers directly into the bar, with side vents. The result is quite impressive and constitutes a good alternative to buying a subwoofer separately.

Read user reviews

Sometimes the best testers are the users themselves. Thanks to the comments they leave on online websites, we can quickly see the problems of use in real situations.

A somewhat short connection cable or a lack of wall mounting screws may not necessarily be highlighted in a laboratory test by a high-tech reviewer. Therefore, it is interesting to read a review from a customer who has actually bought and used the product. It is also possible to ask questions from people who have already installed the same product at home, on websites such as Amazon.


If you’re on a budget, we have prepared a buying guide of the best soundbar under 15000 in India. It includes the top 10 best-selling soundbar models on Amazon. 

However, ensure that you keep these 5 simple rules in mind when buying a soundbar. Thanks to them, it is possible to identify the model that’s ideal for you. This way you can avoid any traps and disappointments when installing your soundbar. 

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