How This Doctor Discovered The Future of Medicine

Someone who survives failure has gained irreplaceable knowledge, with an excellent stepping stone to success. There will be people that discredit your work, beliefs, morals and values and try to steer you in the wrong direction. For Dr. Mark Ghalili, a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician, discovering the future of medicine has made him one of the Top Doctor’s in Los Angeles. His practice of Eastern Medicine has become a treatment for all of his patient’s ailment and his passion lies in teaching his patients about chronic disease, prevention, and finding underlying reasons for any illness. 

After years of school, residency training and finally becoming a medical professional, Dr. Ghalili had a monumental event that changed his career path forever. In late 2016, he experienced a severe and common adverse reaction to a widely prescribed antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin. On his second day of treatment, he found himself grasping for life in excruciating pain, leaving him paralyzed, crippled and unable to walk. Within weeks, he discovered his only solution was to try Alternative Therapies, Regenerative Medicine, and consuming a plant-based diet, which had brought him to fully recover.

It occurred to Dr. Ghalili that the traditional methods and ideologies used in Western Medicine he had practiced prior to this life-changing event, failed to provide him any insight into Integrative and Alternative Medicine. With harsh criticism, Dr. Ghalili opened his own practice, Regenerative Medicine LA, which focuses on rebuilding the mitochondria of the body and helps anyone looking to regain their health and vitality. His patients praise his honesty, loyalty and dedication for solving their problems one step at a time with a customized approach. 

Dr. Ghalili has devoted an entire practice to helping people all around the world that have been damaged by other doctors. His happiness lies within his patients, people that were disabled, now walking, running and maintaining a normal life-style. Dr. Ghalili’s true purpose in life is to treat every person with a disability and vows to help every patient that who feels they are being neglected by Traditional Medicine.  He has made ground-breaking progress in Regenerative Medicine and has built one of the most successful practices in America. With an amazing staff, his office manager being the backbone of his success, nurses providing comfort, Regenerative Medicine LA has truly become the future of medicine. 

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