How is my car loaded and transported by the moving company?


Relocating a car is one of the most challenging tasks of the moving process. Moving a vehicle to another place could be a tiring and worrisome task, especially when it comes to a long-distance move. Hiring automobile shipping services is the best option. Two main options are available out there that has been used by most people to ship their car. Here is how the best car shipping companies move your vehicle during relocation:

1. Relocating the vehicle along with other possessions 

If you can’t drive a car to the destination, then moving a vehicle with movers’ help could be an ideal option. Though it could be an expensive option to load all the household items with the car because most of the companies tend to charge based on the weight of the items, and you know that car is such a heavier item.  

2. Moving car by hiring professional vehicle movers 

You can also choose to hire a professional auto mover who is specialized in moving automobiles. These companies will transport your car either in an open truck or in an enclosed one as per your preferences. 

3. Open-air transportation

When your car’s value is not much high and when you are limited in budget, then hiring an open-air transportation method is an ideal option. Open-air carriers can load 9 to 10 cars at once. Therefore for open carriers, you have to pay less amount while when you choose enclosed carriers, then you should be ready to pay extra. 

4. Enclosed containers 

If you possess a luxury and an expensive car whose one scratch can make you pay thousands of dollars, you should choose enclosed carriers to ship such a car with complete safety. This helps you to move your car safely. This keeps your car protected from debris and all the harsh elements and harsh conditions of weather. 

5. Loading car to moving truck 

Loading the car to the moving truck is one of the difficult tasks. Moving companies have to load the vehicle in the shipping truck to not get damaged or scratched during the transportation; therefore, cars needed to be prepared first before they loaded in the trucks. 

So, how do companies prepare the car for transportation?

  • First of all, the car should be cleaned and washed from the exterior so there is no debris and dust on the car. Then the fuel present in the car is removed. 
  • If there are roof and antenna then retract it and then disconnect the battery of the car. 
  • Fold the side mirrors that have been present on both sides of the exterior of the car. 
  • Block the wheels of the car from the back and front with the wooden blocks. 

How to load the car in the truck?

Many companies use a flatbed tow truck to load the car but make sure the truck is at least 3 feet and 11 inches high from the ground. Now position the truck at the back of the flatbed truck and make sure that both are at the same height so that the car can easily be transported in the tow truck from the flatbed ones. Drive the vehicle simply from the flatbed truck to the tow truck and it can easily be done. 

How companies secure the car in the container?

There are tie hooks are available in the container and fasteners on the floor which will help transport the car securely to its destination. Metal chocks and wooden blocks have been used to block the wheels of the car so that when the trailer or the truck moves, the car does not move. Apart from this, straps as well as ropes are used to position the car at the right place so that it can be secured from any kind of scratches and damage during the shipment. 

Types of car transportation services provided by the movers!!!

There are mainly two types of Car Shipping Carriers options that have been provided by the movers, you can choose any one of these two options according to your needs, budget, and preferences. 

Door to door 

In this type of transportation method, your car will be picked from your old home and will be dropped off at your new address. You don’t have to worry about anything but this option is quite expensive for the other option. This service is chosen by the people in the major cities where traffic is a huge problem. 

Terminal to terminal 

When you cannot drive your car from your old home to the new one, you can choose the terminal to terminal car shipping option. In this method, you have to drop off the car to the mover’s nearest terminal and they will drop off the vehicle to the closest terminal of your new address from where you can quickly drive your vehicle to the home. This is a cheaper method but not as convenient as that of the door to door method of transportation. 

This is how movers ship your car. 

I hope this guide helps you determine the right way to move your vehicle and unnecessary moving expenses and risks to the car.

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