How Escape Rooms Are Dealing with the Pandemic

Keyhole shaped doorway in dark grey room

 lot has changed during the pandemic. Everyday routines are in chaos. Workplace environments have shifted online. Schools are struggling to compensate, and stores have had to make many adjustments. The changing needs of customers are also reflecting in escape rooms. While some people may be nervous venturing outside the home, it should be comforting to know that escape room providers are making the necessary accommodations to protect their staff and their customers. Check out how escape rooms can still be your favourite pastime during a pandemic.

The Use of Personal Protective Equipment Is Required

 One of the best ways to control the spread of coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses is to use personal protective equipment. The information on masks is very promising. There is ample evidence that wearing a mask can reduce your risk of spreading or contracting the disease. This is why many cities and countries require masks in public places where distancing is not possible. Because distancing is not possible during most escape room activities, masks will be used by staff and guests at all times.

Implementing Increased Cleaning

 Another way disease can spread is through shared surfaces. When you touch a surface, you can leave your germs on that surface. Then, when others come by and touch that surface after you, they can pick up your germs. While this is not the most common way coronavirus spreads, there is evidence that the disease can live on surfaces for hours or even days. Therefore, to better protect staff and customers, escape room policies should be amended to include increased sanitation efforts. All surfaces should be clean and disinfected between parties, and extra cleaning efforts should be made at the end of the day just to be safe.

Group Numbers Are Controlled

 Escape rooms have always had limitations on the number of participants. This is because each room and activity will have different needs. To better protect people during a pandemic, more restrictions may be in place. These restrictions may be related to the size of the room. They may also be related to local regulations and guidelines. Moreover, there could be other restrictions that apply to groups. To protect participants, only family groups or known social groups may be allowed to attend. This can limit the amount of mixing between strangers.

Storing Contact Information for Tracking Needs

 In order to provide better support during the pandemic, the escape room may require you to list your name and contact information before you participate. This is to help out with any possible tracking. Even with all the proper interventions, someone infected can use the escape room. If this is the case, then everyone who has been at the escape room will need to be notified and monitored. This type of tracking is the best way to control the spread of outbreaks in the community.

Local Case Data Will Be Monitored

 In addition to protective measures, the escape room staff must make smart decisions based on local conditions. If cases are spreading too quickly, then it may not be wise to allow guests to participate at all. In less extreme situations, it may be necessary to limit the number of participants during the day to deal with the level of community spread. There may be local restrictions put in place by the government, but the escape room provider may also make accommodations that seem prudent.

Size and Ventilation Can Be Increased

 In some cases, modifying the escape room may better meet public health guidelines. To do this, the escape room may be expanded in size to allow for better distancing. In other cases, upgrading the room with better ventilation technology may work. These measures can significantly improve the room’s airflow, which can be a critical part of keeping illness from spreading. These improvements can sometimes be expensive, which means that some providers may opt for other, less invasive measures before retrofitting their interior spaces.

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