How does Pacing and Leading Technique Work?


As you open this link, starting to read this article about pacing and leading, and you see the words on your phone/laptop, you may get curious as to how pacing and leading are utilised.

Pacing acknowledges a person’s current state and their world. Leading is taking the person into the state of your choice.

The first section of this article is an instance of this. I recognized your current state to the best of my knowledge, then mentioned that you might get curious.

This is a soothing technique; it gets past the “significant faculty” or conscious mind because you start with something real.

How can this be implemented in your daily life? You can use it to disperse an awkward situation. Say you are handling someone who is a loudmouth and addresses you shouting. Pacing this individual would be to match their aggressiveness and tone, but maybe not their content. This could lead to a humorous dismissal of their aggression. Once you reach their intensity, then slowly take it down a few notches. Notice their response.

You can use leading and pacing to soothe someone. Let me narrate a tale about a youngster I was teaching. The kid was tapping his foot on the floor at a fast, agitated pace. I did something called “cross over mirroring” by tapping a pencil at the same rate. This was pacing the boy’s foot tapping. He then led the state by slowing down his tapping, and the kid slowed down and finally stopped his nervous response.

Pacing and leading are useful in daily conversations with people. Say you are talking to your coworkers, for best results, listen to the conversation first, and participate in the current topic (pacing) before jumping into your topic (leading). If you present to several people in a professional scenario, create some combination by pacing what they did just before starting your presentation. “I know many of you hurried across town this afternoon to make this class. I can see some of you even carried your lunch.” Then you can segue into your intro.

There is a sign on the road that goes South from Stepana Bandery Avenues in Kyiv. It is for a car dealership. The sign says, “You are driving South, now take the next right at the auto store exit.” I thought that was a clever use of pacing and leading.

This is necessary to keep in mind as a leader. For instance, when you first get on the phone with others, find out what is happening in their life. Get an idea of their urgent challenges before you go forward with your discussion.

When you first tune into the present, you will be better prepared to drive that ‘present’ to the result of your desire.

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