How does a person feel after cheating on their spouse?


Having an affair is an emotional roller coaster ride and time-consuming for a cheating partner. Due to the depth and nature of emotions, the cheating partner unwittingly makes vibrant displays that others can easily understand. Witnessing these emotions, the partner of a spouse who is cheating may not build a relationship between the changes and the chance of an affair. Family members and close friends also notice changes and begin to speculate problems. The cheater experiences an entire range of emotions and may move swiftly from one extreme to the other.

Here is the relationship between a cheating spouse and mood swings

  • Guilt:

    The cheating mate will have strong feelings of guilt, mainly if they are involved in a long-term relationship. This guilty feeling is even more amplified if the partner being cheated on has low self-esteem. Both individuals know the affair is going on, but neither can bring the subject out. The cheater does not want to cause emotional pain on their partner by admitting the affair openly. Due to the feeling of guilt, he may become more generous, supporting activities that were once sources of friction such as letting them follow strangers on social media, separate vacations, or spending money on extravagance gifts for their spouse.
  • Euphoria

    He encounters feelings of extreme joy from their cheating partner. This feeling of euphoria is remarkably addicting. For this reason, the mate who is cheating needs to discover it over and over again. It is this “high” that helps to manage an affair. The cheater feels “alive” when with the other person. This strengthens the fact something is wrong with the marriage, or the partner who is cheating has physical or emotional needs that cannot be met with the current marriage.
  • Depression

    A sense of intense guilt can lead to depression for the mate who is cheating. They question themselves and sense feelings of low self-worth. They are committed to a relationship. Why is that not sufficient? How can they cheat on the partner they are in love with? Is something wrong? As the affair continues, the more powerful and terrifying these emotions become. Trying to hold the secret of an affair may lead to the cheating partner’s health and emotional problems.
  • Anxiety

    The (wo)man who is cheating, lives with stress everyday due to constant fear of being caught. A cheating mate questions actions and consequences out of this fear. Did the cheater spend too much time on an errand? Are they about to be caught? Does their spouse know? Strange phone calls at odd times, less time spent with family and unexpected schedule changes add to the anxiety and stress. The mate who is cheating may not even realize how much they affect their own well-being by staying in an affair.

Cheaters often give themselves away by their unpredictable mood swings. 

The act of continuing an affair is an emotionally chaotic one. Cheaters fail to hide the intense emotions they feel while having an adulterous affair. These fierce emotions will surface in one manner or another. It is the benefit of the person who is being cheated on to pay close attention to their mate’s spontaneous changes and not overlook them.

-Dedicated to Ron-

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