How do you create an app like Uber?


In the past, well not that long ago, to book a taxi, you had to call or take it by raising your arms. In 2020, things have changed a lot and mobile applications sound like a small revolution in the VTC and taxi industry.

With an app like Uber, your customers will be able to call on your taxi driver services 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday.

You should know that developing taxi android app allows customers to know in real time where the taxi driver is. Some Uber like applications also allow the payment of the race by smartphone.

In any case, one thing is certain, a taxi booking app simplifies the booking and payment process.

A dedicated mobile application, a relevant investment?

At a time when the image of Uber is not at best, many applications designed by or at least for VTC drivers are available on the market.

Thus, customers who need a ride have the possibility of finding directly from their smartphone and in just a few minutes a vehicle that can transport them to the desired destination.

For a VTC company with a large fleet of vehicles as well as for several VTC companies who would like to unite as part of a commercial partnership, Uber style mobile app development can be a wise investment.

Indeed, on condition to make its existence known and also to have a website well positioned in the results of search engines on the main queries sought by individuals in order to promote it, an application can be particularly effective.

While it will be difficult to impose it against the big names in the sector, it has the merit of existing and will allow, failing to capture new customers if it is little downloaded, to retain current customers. To do this, however, it will be essential that all VTC drivers in your company inform their customers that it is now possible for them to book a VTC from the on demand taxi mobile application.

Those who are satisfied with the VTC services you offer will then have the reflex to connect to your mobile application when they again need a transport service. In other words, if one of the vehicles in your fleet is available, the customer will remain loyal to your company. However, this is priceless!

Developing VTC android app: how much does it cost?

More and more professional VTC drivers are aware of the advantages of iOS or android app development. But a very large majority of them lack courage and do not want to invest.

Concretely, to develop the Android taxi and VTC reservation app, the most effective is to call on a mobile development agency. A team of professional developers knows how to build an uber application and their know-how will give you more credibility with your customers.

Also, you should not be surprised that the price announced by the developer for the development of your Uber like app is higher than those that can be found on the web for traditional applications.

Indeed, if a VTC app does not present any major complexity for its development, it must on the other hand exist in two versions, the customers and the drivers of the company having necessarily to have a different application although they are complementary.

As for the features, there are many that must be embedded in the app. This must indeed integrate a map with GPS guidance, an account manager, a high-performance reservation system, a reliable payment system and an intuitive and easy-to-use messaging system.

Development of an Android app systematically becomes a smart investment when the company has a large fleet of vehicles. For a taxi driver or an independent VTC, the choice is often linked to the organization of work or to customer profiles.

Listing a VTC application like Uber

Beyond the development of the Android VTC application on the Uber model, we will then have to produce quality SEO work. 

For example, if you are a self-employed person and you practice your profession of VTC or Taxi in Grenoble, you must at all costs favour a local referencing. Indeed, it will do nothing for your activity to be referenced where your customers are not.

SEO work for your application adds additional costs, but you can be sure it will pay off quickly.

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