How can I use the power of imagination to change my life?

Shiva - Power of Imagination in a State of Consciousness, Focusing on reality and the line between dreams and the truth (Image: Quora)

Imagination is the strength to form ideas or pictures in mind. Everybody can imagine, but imagination becomes paramount when you turn it into the demonstration. Every human-made thing was first imagined. The creation begins in the mind before it becomes a reality.

  1. The man who invented the umbrella imagined it before creating.
  2. The man who invented cars imagined it before designing and so on.

Philosophically, the mind is the human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory and imagination.

The mind has two parts:

  1. the conscious mind
  2. the subconscious mind

The conscious mind is the state of your mind that you understand. It includes thoughts, images, sounds and impressions. The subconscious mind holds all of your beliefs, memories, defences, fears and biases. All pictures in their entirety from the moment of birth are stored in this section of the mind. This combined accumulation of programming, perceptions, and conditioning directly influences who you are and what you become.

The subconscious mind controls our lives. Imagination is the voice of the subconscious. The mind of a man does not distinguish between reality and fiction. Subconscious thinking must be aligned with conscious desires to reach your goal.

There is a function the subconscious mind plays in the journey towards success in life. To underestimate the mind’s place is to switch off the source of inspiration through which ideas are generated. The mind is the workshop for creativity. If its power is utilized correctly, it can browse through the subconscious, create imagination, bring dormant potentials to your knowledge and stimulate the conscious of what to do.

How can I use the power of imagination to change my life?

Although it seems like randomly dreaming, utilizing your imagination’s power to evolve takes skills and focus. Using your imagination to grow and enhance your life requires practice, planning, and technique refinement. However, set against meticulously crafted goals, you can mold the world around you. You will realize the power of that rare piece of diamond snuggled in that grey matter between your ears in these points below. Let’s begin.

Enhancing the power of imagination-

What’s your destination?

Start with your purpose in your mind to have a clear understanding of your destination. It means to know where you are going to understand better where you are now and so that your actions are always in the right direction. Successful imagination is to have the end in mind; you should picture the end goal and not the process. The end goal should be pictured in as many details as possible, including all the five senses


When you continuously focus on a picture, every cell in your body is involved in that image. You resonate and vibrate with everything in harmony with that frequency, both on a real and non-physical level. This frequency moves you towards the idea; it moves everything needed towards you to produce the desired image. Spend time in picturing and exploring the power of the subconscious until your visions become true.

Strategically setting periods

Picture yourself lounging on the deck of a yacht sailing in Polynesia; you feel the sun’s warmth. Your lungs are thankful to inhale natural clean air fully; you can breathe the seawater. This situation relaxes your mind and body. And as you lay there, you think about your plans and priorities. Strategically setting periods improves our focus and productivity by bringing pressure-free and relaxed spaces in our minds. To enjoy a more productive imagination and thinking levels, create a stress-free setting at your workplace and home. 

Clarity in Imagination

From the extended practice of imagining what you wish to encounter, have, and do, knowing what doesn’t support your aspirations becomes much simpler. When you picture yourself achieving something, you could see who is and who is not sitting in the crowd appreciating you. You start seeing how specific experiences, opportunities, and relationships that don’t serve your goals fit what you imagine for your future. You then feel disparity and more immune to accepting or accommodating opportunities and invitations. Your friends might change and perhaps reduce. Similarly, you might start finding yourself drift more easily toward options and people who are on similar missions as you. 

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