Home Remedies for Wrinkles

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Many home remedies for wrinkles may be seen in your home, which can moisturize, smooth, lift your skin, or diminish lines on your face naturally and economically without toxic chemicals and potential side effects. In most cases, natural alternatives are even more efficient than high-priced well-known product brands.

Tips you should follow to avoid early aging of your skin:

  1. Start taking care of your skin at an early age when you are still in your 20s. This will significantly help to avoid the occurrence of wrinkles later on.
  2. Consume vitamins from naturally occurring sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. 
  3. Limit alcohol consumption and avoid smoking. 
  4.  Do not over-wash your face, and be careful not to damage your skin during removing and cleansing the makeup.
  5. Massage your face gently every day. 
  6. Your sleep position can lead to the creation of lines on your face and neck and your cleavage area. The best way to sleep is on your back. Sleep without your bra. 

Home Remedies that can help you evade wrinkles


Butter is one of the most potent home remedies for wrinkles. Take organic, naturally produced salt-free butter, and clean your face with it. Leave the butter to absorb into your face then smoothly wipe it with a paper towel. Butter works best against signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.


Water is the most suitable cleaning agent for your skin. If you can, use tap water, since hard water is not right. You can soften water and make it more ideal by boiling it.

A practical substitute for water is mild foaming lotion, made from the yolk, cucumber, and water. Slice cucumber and squash it in the mixer together with yolk and a bowl of water. Apply the cream on absorbent cotton, gently rub your face, rinse it with lukewarm water, and smoothly wipe it with a soft towel.


Carrot juice contains an unusually high content of vitamins B and A and many diverse minerals. Freshly squeezed is a fabulous cleansing agent for the face and skin. Keep the carrot juice on your face for about thirty minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water afterward.

Tomato Juice

Add a few drops of glycerin to squeezed tomatoes. This blend is an efficient cleansing agent and works best against unwanted wrinkles.


Just as water and butter, cow milk is also one of the best home remedies for wrinkles. Mix a few drops of squeezed lemon (fresh please), orange, or berries juice to milk. Milk is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Apply it on your face or skin for about thirty minutes, then wash it off with water.

Homemade Masks for Face

  • Milk, yolk, lemon juice, and almond oil mask: works great against facial creases and more profound lines. The mixture of almond oil, milk, lemon juice, and the yolk has a unique lifting effect, and it is also suitable for skin with larger pores. Wait for about thirty minutes and remove the mask with tepid water.
  • Cucumber masks: chop up a few rings of cucumber in a mixer and add lemon juice. Apply the mask and coat your eyes with cucumber rings. This is a great way to nourish your skin and reduce under-eye wrinkles at the same time. Cucumber mask is also great for the reduction of lines on your neck.
  • Lemon Juice and honey mask: add few drops of lemon juice to honey, apply the mask on the face and wait around 20 minutes. Lemon and honey are both excellent home remedies for wrinkles. A combination of honey and lemon juice provides flexibility and softness of the skin and may help ease fine lines and other undesired signs of aging.

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