Having the Most Memorable Road Trip from New York City to Pocono Mountains

Without a doubt, New York City is a fantastic place to be. However, the constant stress of city life can have its toll on you from time to time. To release the tension and soak yourself in some peace, leave the city and make way for the mountains’ serenity. With just about two hours from the Big Apple, a road trip to the Pocono Mountains is a beautiful idea

Escape from the urban jungle’s relentless din and head towards the mountains where you can bask in its unpolluted air, majestic views, and unforgettable scenery from all sides. As you leave New York City for the Poconos, you will feel the stress leaving your body. The following section will shed more light on how you can have the loveliest road trip from NYC to the Poconos, enjoy! 

New York City to the Poconos: Hitting the Road

Now the time has come, get your car pumped up with enough gas, load your music player with your best songs and get some handy refreshments, and you are set for your short but fascinating trip. Driving from New York will leave you covering a distance of about 100 miles so if you are looking for a weekend getaway or even a longer vacation, here is a viable option for you. 

There is no scarcity of options when it comes to reaching the Poconos. Numerous highways lead there and these include the I-84, I-80W, I-476, I-280W, and I-380. However, of all of them all, the most direct options will be I-80W and I-280W. 

What to do on the road?

Even though it will take you just a couple of hours to get to your destination, you can make your journey a colorful one by engaging in fun activities on the road. If you are a foodie, there are inviting restaurants in towns Stroudsburg and Delaware Water Gap where you can stop and enjoy some of the most delicious meals and snacks in America

You can do a lot more than just eat. While in Stroudsburg, there are several art galleries and museums you can check out. The town is also known and beloved for its time-honored wineries and vibrant music events. You can take time out to check these lovely places, mingle with the locals, and of course, check out the city’s iconic structures. 

If you have more time, you can even check out the Levee Loop Trail and enjoy its much-touted biking paths and hiking trails. There is also the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, where you can enjoy some excellent wildlife viewing, kiting, bird watching, and others. So as you can see, your even a quick road trip can be full of life. It should not just be one dull driving session all the way through. 

Back on the Road

Once you are back on the road, your adventure continues, and the vibrant aura should not stop by any means. On both sides of the road, you will pass incredibly enchanting mountain ranges crowned with lush forests. Stop randomly and take some of the most mindblowing photos. Take a while to enjoy the mountainous scenery before you step on the gas again. By the time you get to Stroudsburg, you are already in the Poconos region. 

Exciting Things to do when you are in the Poconos

Now you have arrived at the legendary Pocono Mountains. The deafening noise of NYC is far behind you, and you feel so relaxed and thrilled. The pure air fills your lungs, and your body is thirsting for some real action and adventure. 

Winter Fun

If you happen to be in the Poconos during winter, you can decide to do some great skiing or even join the locals and have good snow tubing sessions. You can even join other adventurers and have the most memorable nights of dog sledding; there is simply no lack of options for you. 

For those who do not find the chilly outdoors interesting, you can still have all the fun you want while being indoors. Check out any of the inviting spas or try the finest brews or vintage wines in any of the wineries that dot the area. 

Summer Adventure

For those who arrive at the Poconos during summer, the outdoor space is sheer paradise. From bathing in the life-giving waterfalls to adrenalin-pumping kayak races to hiking on old trails to wheezing across the mountain forests on heart-stopping zip line excursions, you will surely forget all about the city life while you are in the Poconos. It is truly a place to enjoy the outstanding beauty of nature. 

Making the Best of your Stay

There are several scenic lodges and inns that you can stay if you want an extended vacation in the Poconos. These places have all the facilities you can ever imagine. So, if you are tired of the endless stress of city life and you are wondering where you can go and have some genuine relaxation while your body is rejuvenated, the Poconos will be your best bet! 

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