Gemini Weekly Horoscope 6th – 12th Sep, 2020


Love and Relationships

This week’s planetary movement indicates that being single, you are likely to bump into your ex! Yes! Both of you will feel delighted to catch up. You may plan to meet again at a suitable time and place. Your love may blossom once again. Both of your feelings may grow for each other. You must be ready to hear a confession of feelings from this once again found love. The love birds may have a pleasant time with each other. Three major planets may have influence over the second house, which indicates an occurrence to your family member. You must brace yourself for an upcoming issue which may be serious. The planetary movement does not show any signs of resolving the issue in the near future. Therefore, you must wait for the right time to resolve the issue for the satisfaction of the family needs.


This week’s planetary movement indicates that a student seeking to graduate, will not be able to stay focused while studying due to various disturbances. You need to look for a quiet place to focus on your studies. Overall, as a graduation candidate, you will be able to make a sufficient amount of progress. Post graduation candidates might find themselves engaged in social activities. Thus, you are likely to find it difficult to spend the required time on your studies.


Regular exercise will always be a safe and best investment, where profits are in abundance. You are likely to make this investment, either by joining a gym or doing some outdoor exercise. However, you must take precautions and take care of yourself to avoid the chances of getting any kind of viral infection. You must also remain careful towards you left eye. If you have any issues related to your left eye, then you must take it into notice and visit an eye specialist, if necessary. If required, certain measures will be prescribed for the sake of your eye.


This week, it seems you might concern yourself for the increasing amount of money. Around midweek, there is a possibility that you have a monetarily benefits. Rejoice! This gain will charge your spirits! However, you must remain careful towards your expenses and maintain a stable position for your finances. There won’t be any unexpected expense made by you.


If you are a business person, you may find no progress made in your business. However, do not let your spirits down, as it seems that around the weekend, you are likely to finalize a profitable deal. As a result, you will feel optimistic about your work and for the future prospects. As career oriented person, you will be able to perform more effectively and also able to produce more output. You will feel optimistic on receiving a positive result of your efforts. Thus, it will keep you charged and motivated to be productive.

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