Frugal Fashion: How to Look Chic Without Spending Lots of Cash


Dressing chic on a budget is a skill that pays off big time if you’re on a tight budget. The average person spends $161 a month on clothing, but that number reduces significantly with the right approach. If you’re looking to up your frugal fashion game, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to help you get started.

How to Stay Stylish With Frugal Fashion

Keeping yourself on a budget while shopping for stylish clothing isn’t as hard as it sounds. With diligent sale hunting and a bit of patience, your wardrobe will grow without hurting your wallet.

Get Serious About Sales

To stay on top of fashion sales, sign up for email alerts from your favorite stores. Throughout the year, you’ll receive emails with coupons and sale announcements and gain an opportunity to save money on regular-priced items. Plus, many stores offer rewards programs that give even more savings opportunities.

Join a Frugal Fashion Community

Joining a like-minded community is a great way to stay on top of sales and low-budget fashion tips. Communities also work together to find low-cost duplicates of expensive items.

Shop Your Closet

It’s easy to forget the clothing we already own. If you’re on a tight budget, but want some fresh styles, take some time to shop your own closet. Rethinking your own clothing with a fresh approach feels like buying new clothes.

For example, refresh an old dress by accessorizing it with a jacket or belt. If you’re familiar with sewing, you could also hem a maxi dress to make it shorter. This simple process makes it feel like a brand new outfit.

Where to Buy Affordable Fashion

While keeping up with sales is a great habit to form, knowing where to find frugal clothing is essential. There are several staples in the frugal fashion community that reliably stock clothing at low prices.

Outlet Stores

Outlet stores are a fantastic source of high-end clothing at low-end prices. Outlet stores are run by name-brand stores and stock out-of-season or damaged items at a much lower cost.

Discount Stores

While keeping track of high-end clothing store sales is part of the frugal fashion process, it’s vital to keep track of discount stores too. Places that reliably sell discount jewelry, accessories, and clothing items are great places to purchase low-cost items.

Thrift Shops

Thrift shops sell second-hand clothing and help you look great for less. While it may take some digging, the offerings may surprise you. It’s not uncommon to find vintage high-end clothing, prominent name-brands, and unique items you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Second-Hand Clothing Apps

Second-hand clothing apps are like digital thrift shops. Sellers post their own clothing items for sale and ship the items to the buyer. It’s much easier to dig for appealing pieces of clothing through an app than through the aisles of a brick-and-mortar thrift shop.

Feeling Frugal and Fashionable

Wearing an eye-catching outfit feels amazing when you know it didn’t break the bank. With these helpful frugal fashion tips, your closet will look fresh and filled—and so will your wallet.

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