Free vs. Paid SMTP for Mail Sending

As a result of increased competitiveness in this digital era, every enterprise is seeking a way to increase their visibility. One of the preferred ways to interact with potential customers and make follow-ups is through emails. Delivering emails to the respective customers is never a problem until you have to send a lot of them. While there are many email services providers, they might not provide an optimum way to send thousands of emails daily to your audience. In such situations, an SMTP service makes email deliverability easy. Let’s begin with understanding what an SMTP server is all about.

What is an SMTP Server?

The term SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Hence, an SMTP server is a host who acts as a postman, sending, receiving, and relaying bulky messages across the internet. While using an SMTP service as an enterprise, your mail first gets to the SMTP server, and it’s sent to the respective client through an organized system. As per your business needs, you might opt-in for free SMTP or a paid SMTP server service.

Do You Really Need an SMTP Server Service for Your Business?

Efficiency is a key requirement in business in the current world. Following this, an SMTP server service is essential in handling your mailing processes. Notably, there are two types of email services that prove the need for SMTP server services. They include bulk emails and transactional emails.

Bulk emails involve sending emails to the multiple users of your services or rather list of subscribers with just a single click. On the other and, the transactional emails involve one on one communication based on a recipient’s activity. While the recipients trigger most of the transactional emails, an algorithm detects any response or transaction by the customer hence responding imminently. Some of the transactional emails include but not limited to order confirmation emails, new account creation emails, and comments responded to mail.

The two email types prove the need for an SMTP server for relaying of the messages in an efficient manner that ensures deliverability.

Choosing between Free SMTP and a Paid SMTP

Choosing between using a free SMTP server or a paid one relies on the status of your business. For people starting a business and have no budget for a paid SMTP, they might comfortably opt-in for a free SMTP plan and obtain the amazing tool at no cost. A free plan might also favour people who have a small audience or a few subscribers to their newsletter.

However, with your business growing, lots of subscribers will lead to bulk emails and tons of transactional emails. For higher deliverability rates in such cases, a paid or premium SMTP is recommendable. Premium SMTP services also provide better security for your mailing processes and have you keep track of your email performance.

Our Free SMTP Services

Here at Queen SMTP, we understand your mail delivery and ESP marketing needs. Hence, we offer high-speed email delivery with our free email marketing software. People starting their business and those who have few subscribers can opt-in for free, reliable SMTP relay service. With a free signup, one can try out 50000 free emails bundle from our SMTP server. A monthly 15000 free emails are also guaranteed for a lifetime. The emails come with high inbox delivery so you won’t have to worry about deliverability.

What About Premium SMTP Relay Plans?

With a larger audience, come a large number of bulk and transactional emails. Therefore, there is a need to subscribe to a premium plan that will ensure seamless email deliverability to your audience. Additional security features come with the premium plans having a 128-bit SSL encryption for the emails and a powerful spammer detection.

We also offer real-time email tracking alongside advanced analytics for premium SMTP relay plans subscribers. This also comes with an automatic bounce email check and skip, 24/7 support service, and a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. Our premium plans include:

  • 30000 emails for $6/month

  • 60000 emails for $10/month

  • 120000 emails for $20/month

  • 230000 emails for $30/month and

  • 450000 emails for $80/month

Compared to other SMTP service providers, our prices are competitive, with our top-notch additional features offering value for your money.


Having an SMTP relay service is essential to the success of your enterprise. While free solutions are good for your business, bulk and transactional emails might require you to subscribe to a premium plan. Sign up with our SMTP service and enjoy fifty thousand free emails and a lifetime fifteen thousand emails per month for your enterprise. Picking a paid plan that suits your business is essential for reliable sending of bulk and transactional messages.

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