Five Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Eyes in Today’s Digital Age

On average, most people use digital devices for no less than six hours a day, with almost half the population with jobs using two devices simultaneously. Once in a while, we have all experienced terrible headaches and dry, sore eyes that cause discomfort. It is the direct effect of Digital Eye Strain or DES.

One of our most valuable senses is vision. But do we understand the significance of healthy eyes, when compared to our overall health? Many of us don’t care about eye health until its too late, because as long as our eyes can see, we presume they are fine. To protect your eyes, here are five tips that will help you avoid eye problems.

  1. Get Your Eyes Examined Frequently

Our eyes can see everything correctly and not experience any problem with vision. But conditions such as glaucoma often do not show any immediate warnings or symptoms. Whether you use glasses and contact lenses for vision correction or not, getting your eyes examined by an eye care professional regularly is a healthy habit.

Timely visits and examinations help us keep a check on the overall health of our eyes. Not only this, if there are any issues, regular eye checks will help detect them early and can be treated in time.

2. Be Honest With Your Eye Care Practitioner

Merely visiting your eye care practitioner frequently is not enough to keep your eyes healthy. We might think that our eyes are healthy and perfect, so we try to hide information without realizing that it can lead to disruption in identifying problems our eyes might have.

Don’t hide facts and information from your eye specialist so that you get the most out of your eye examinations and regular visits. If you already use glasses or contact lenses, then it becomes way more important for you to provide full information about how you feel, any issues that you might be facing, and also disclose your family’s comprehensive health history.

3. Wear The Right Glasses Or Contact Lenses

Only wearing glasses or contact lenses is not enough. You need to wear the right prescribed spectacles and contact lenses to keep your eyes healthy. The use of incorrect glasses and contact lenses reduces the advantages of using them and could lead to severe problems.

Make sure you are using appropriate eyewear after consulting your optometrist and check if you need to update or upgrade your present visual aids. The same applies to your contact lenses, replace them regularly, and do not use it for more than the duration prescribed by your eye care practitioner.

4. Take A Break From Screens

Prolonged exposure to any type of continuous light emission stresses your eyes out. Be it the screen of your computer, television or your mobile devices. In particular, it is necessary to stay careful when using computer screens – look away 20 feet for more than 20 seconds every 20 minutes. Such conscious efforts to blink and give your eyes a break from digital screens help keep your eyes healthy.

5. Rest Your Eyes Sufficiently

The most common reason why people suffer through eye defects is that they tire their eyes to a level of exhaustion. To be certain that your eyes are functioning optimally, you need to give them adequate rest and make sure that you don’t strain your eyes with screen glare or any stress.

The best way to rest your eyes is to sleep enough. When you sleep well, it will allow your eyes to rejuvenate. Our daily life, work or otherwise, revolves around digital technology, but make it a practice to take frequent breaks and keep your eyes relaxed.

6. Start Caring For Your Eyes

To be able to see and experience things is a blessing. In today’s age and time, everything is mostly digital. It sure has made our life easy, but we cannot ignore the effect it has on our eyes. There are many different kinds of eye-related conditions such as astigmatism, cataract, dry eyes, glaucoma and others. Some of these conditions can lead to sight-threatening circumstances. The best way to keep your eyes healthy is by taking care of them.

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