FamiSafe parental control app using mobile location tracker

FamiSafe is a parental control application that protects your children by allowing them to form good habits, keeps them away from the dangers of the Internet, and can act as a GPS tracker if necessary.

In essence, Wondershare FamiSafe is a parental control application that ticks all the boxes. Do you keep a record of your children while they are away from home? Check. View and block web content at the touch of a button? Check. Monitor their behaviour and determine if they are being harassed? FamiSafe offers you all that and more.

All apps can be mobile location tracker on an Android or iOS device (smartphone, tablet). You can see how much time was spent on each app and set limits, including duration and specific hours of the day.

Everyone has their own reasons for finding someone’s location by cell phone tracker. In the case of parents, they may want to find out the approximate location of their children to ensure their safety. For married couples who suspect a case of infidelity, tracking the location of their spouse gives them peace of mind and sanity.

From time to time, some employers may want to use this method to monitor their employees and make sure they are doing their job in the field. But regardless of the purpose, the current generation of advanced digital technology provides the ability and flexibility to locate your close friends in many ways.

If you’re interested in how it works, make sure you have your gear ready. These effective methods show that finding a person’s location by cell phone number is not as difficult as it sounds. 

Can you find someone’s location by a cell phone number?

Believe it or not, there are many free number lookup services available on the internet and even in your app store. But does it really work? Some claim it is helpful, however some may just be a hoax.

But if you think that crawling them using a random website that appears on your search engine can give you an accurate result, think otherwise. Although you can get what you want sometimes, we wouldn’t recommend it. Some of these malicious sites can be quite misleading and you will end up exposing your personal information on the Internet.

The best way to track a number is to try using a trusted third-party website and app. And since there are so many, we’ve leaked some of the most effective and reliable phone number tracking tools. So that you can locate a cell phone number succinctly.

Fair warning: Before moving on to the next section, you may need a new inexpensive smartphone to maximize your location settings.

Screen time

Limiting screen time is essential for those who want their children to explore other activities, including extracurricular activities, sports, and non-digital hobbies. With the FamiSafe app you can temporarily lock the device when they need to focus on more important things. You can set a smart schedule based on where your child is or current activity, and even add a “reward” for doing a good job at school or completing chores around the house.

Family locator

Teens and young adults will often have their smartphone close at hand throughout the day. You can still track their whereabouts with the Family Locator feature and use real-time geofencing and tracking to see where they are.

How to install FamiSafe

Step 1. Sign up for an account on the official FamiSafe website

Step 2. Download the Android parental control app from Google Play, or the iOS parental control app from the App Store.

Step 3. Open the application and connect the devices through the web portal or the Famisafe panel application.

Download FamiSafe from Google Play

Download FamiSafe from Apple Store

Download FamiSafe from Amazon

Things to keep in mind

  • You will need a valid email address in order to verify the registration.
  • Using a strong password is strongly recommended.
  • Devices “for parents” must also have the application installed
  • You must be logged in with the same account on both parent and child devices.
  • You must enable Famisafe accessibility and allow application permissions.

Once all the steps have been followed, you are ready to hand over the devices to your children and voila!

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