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In the times in this current century, especially with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and other woes on the horizon, it becomes essential for people to find solace in the household of faith. Florida is one of the many states in the country that is having a difficult time with the coronavirus, as many people have died and are dying from the virus. Florida has been ranked as the state with the most daily reports of Covid-19 cases than any other state. With news like this, it is helpful to know that churches and ministries are stepping up to provide spiritual guidance to those who are distraught by what is going on. Radiant Church, based in Tampa, Florida is one such ministry that provides resources to help people spiritually and physically. This article will address some other ways in which the church provides support to the local community and communities at large.

More Resources and Support from the Church

Due to the pandemic, churches have been forced to re-evaluate how church is done, such as limiting the amount of people who can attend a service and providing services through live streaming means. To help prevent the spread of the virus, many churches are meeting at the church, but staying in their vehicles and listening to the message from the pastor. It is reminiscent of the drive-in theaters that started back in 1933. Another support system the church is offering is distributing food boxes and packages to people to help offset an economy affected by the virus. In doing this, the church is fulfilling part of a gospel outreach found in the Scriptures to feed the hungry. The churches are also providing aid by setting up areas in their church for Covid-19 testing. By becoming engaged in the community, the churches are meeting the holistic needs of various people, instead of just spiritual services.

Other Ways the Church Helps

While the churches are providing community support to individuals due to the pandemic, churches, such as Radiant, are focusing also on inviting individuals to experience a new life in Christ. That is the thrust of the church’s message that people would come to know Christ as their Savior, Lord, and King. It is necessary that people understand they can turn to Christ in the midst of the pandemic and any other trials that come their way. As the gospel message is being proclaimed in the local area, the mission is also to spread the message nationally and internationally. The church emphasizes the teaching of the word of God, which is the Old Testament and the New Testament. The idea is that the word of God is the final authority.

Other Information about the Church

The church also teaches that Christ will return to earth one day to judge all people and set up His kingdom. It is necessary to understand this and align oneself with this principle. Thus, people in the church are taught Christian principles to live by on a regular basis, and how to grow every day in the grace of God. These Christian principles will help the believers as they endeavor to provide outreach services to others in their communities. The central purpose of the church is to demonstrate love, as Christ loved the church, and gave Himself for it. In this way, the members of the church should give themselves for their fellow human beings. Activities like these will help to transform some into becoming Christians and help those outside of the church walls to become more trusting and accepting of what the church is doing.

More Aid that the Church Provides

Churches can also endear themselves to communities by providing financial support, such as helping families and individuals to pay their electric bill, their mortgage or rent, or blocking off a certain amount of gasoline to be given to drivers who pull up to the pumps. There are various ways to be creative in letting the communities know that the church exists to be a lighthouse in a stormy world. Since large gatherings are now frowned upon, churches can be creative by encouraging cell groups of 10 or less to meet in one another’s homes. This way, the gospel message can still be preached and taught to those who are hungry for the word of God. The church also helps by equipping their leaders and their lay leaders to minister effectively to those in the communities.

More to Know about the Church in Tampa, Florida

Those who would become a part of churches, such as Restoration in Tampa, Florida will subscribe to two important tenets of the Christian faith: water baptism and Holy Communion. These two tenets demonstrate a person’s identification with Jesus Christ, upon whom Christianity is founded. It is also important for Christians to find creative ways to meet together to fulfill another Scriptural exhortation found in the Bible’s book of Hebrews. Christians are told to not forsake the assembly of themselves together. This is especially challenging in a day when the pandemic is discouraging such assembling.

Final Thoughts about the Church in Tampa, Florida Those who are interested in meeting with Restoration will find that there are locations throughout the State of Florida. The church will help members to move towards Christ, move towards the community, and move towards their calling. The members will learn and embrace that God is in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, which makes up the Holy Trinity. They will also embrace that humans are created in the image of this invisible, all-powerful God. The church has various ministries that cater to the needs of individuals of all ages and positions in life. There is a ministry that is specifically geared towards students in elementary and high school. There is the Care ministry, which is designed to help those who are going through a physical, financial, spiritual, or emotional crisis. More information about the church can be found by visiting their website or calling a member of the staff.

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