ENTREPRENEUR Akash Pillay has a very strong message for today’s youth


Being an ardent fitness lover has brought in a lot of discipline in one’s life. Akash Pillay, an ENTREPRENEUR and fitness freak from Pune, an inspiration to many due to his fit lifestyle, has a powerful message for today’s generation.

Being an ardent fitness lover has brought in a lot of discipline in one’s life. Over the years, Akash has been rigorously striving to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, and the results are simply mind-blowing.

Talking about the current lifestyle led by many youngsters, Akash Pillay shares, “I see a lot of youngsters suffering from so many health problems due to a lack of nutrition and a healthy schedule! Living a healthy lifestyle is not only a choice, but it is crucial in today’s time. What we do or what we think defines us, which may have its long-term effects. Devoting your time towards workout, meditating, reading, and creating something productive is important, and this habit can do wonders”.

He further adds, “Also, I would also like to address youngsters who aspire to have a good physique. That using shortcuts and heavy dose supplements might help you look good, but it’s not a healthy approach. It has severe after-effects. No, Rome was not built in a day, nor will you get instant results as soon as you lift the bar for a day But, working with consistency and focusing on the right efforts will give you results. This will take time and a lot of energy, but it will be worth it. Your journey will teach you a lot and inspire others to be the best version of oneself! Remember, you are just a decision away!”

Akash is a 25-year-old guy who is a BSC Graduate in Zoology and started his career by working at an MNC right after completing his graduation.

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