Earn Money by Helping Students Find University Essays Written by You

There are thousands of students looking on the internet to find university essays. They may need more research on a subject or help with their upcoming exams. In such cases, it is common for learners to scour the web for relevant and credible information.

You may have heard of online libraries that make academic documents available for students. These are more ethical ways to get remuneration for your work than ghostwriting. Here, it is more of a collaborative effort, where students can use the papers as foundational research. 

For recent graduates, students, and writers, it can be a great opportunity to earn money. 

Here is all everything you should know about the process:

Who Can You Help With Your Academic Essays?

Writing academic essays involves planning, scheduling, understanding of the topic, and proper construction. So, students have to allocate time and effort. Besides, they have to adhere to a specific style guide of a particular university.

Some students may lack confidence in their skills or want to cross-check their assignments to purchase your essays. Those who do not have English as their first language or those new to this mode of learning can benefit from online document libraries.

Another group can be those who procrastinate or miss the due date. They can find university essays easily; take help from them in time, and save the day.

Sell Essays Ethically

Some spurious sources may be offering work to freelance writers to turn in academic essays. They may pay well, too. But these sites accept essays from those who may not even pursue the said subject. So, that process becomes an unethical practice.

In contrast, legit online document libraries procure genuine work of past or current students, scholars, or research fellows. 

Besides, buyers cannot copy the subject matter and turn it in under their name. Your essays will be watermarked, passed through a rigorous review with stringent guidelines. So, they are displayed and downloaded in a non-editable form.

To ensure that there is no misuse of resources, authentic online resources check for duplicate content. By submitting your essays to plagiarism detection tools, they help universities detect when students copy from them.

Additionally, if you need help, you can sell your content for credits, instead of money. These exchange credits allow you to download documents if you need them. You can get a deeper understanding of any topics that you want to improve.

How To Sell Old Or Current Essays?

Only the students that have finished a course or subject can upload their work. 

If you are looking to submit your completed essays, they should comply with the site guidelines. It may include a review from the site’s in-house research team and editors. 

Your work should also pass the strictest of plagiarism detectors. You should own the copyright to the essays. 

Each document library may have additional rules for submission. 

How Much Can You Earn?

Every time your document gets purchased; you earn a royalty on the sale. It is a percentage of the sale, typically around 50%. Some students like to exchange their work for credits that allows them to purchase others’ documents. So, you can earn money with the right background and skills, also share and gain knowledge.

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