Doing These Will Get Your Amazon Business Seller Account Banned

When it comes to Amazon, there are plenty of things that can get you and your business into trouble. Because of the popularity of the company, they have a particular quality of excellence to uphold along with some strict policies and rules. Don’t get on the wrong side of Amazon – Read this piece to find out what you need to avoid doing to keep your Amazon business seller account healthy and safe.

What Does an Amazon Business Seller Account Involve?

 An Amazon business account offers all the great features of a normal Amazon account but with added benefits for those in business. You can sell and buy at a corporate level, manage all of your accounts in one place, integrate purchase systems, have access to analytics, and plenty more. However, with these benefits also come many rules and policies, which is why it is important to stick to them, so privileges aren’t revoked, as this can have a detrimental effect on a business.

Ignoring Customers, Will Get Your Privilege Revoked

Amazon has an outstanding reputation with its customers for a good reason – unmatched customer service. The fastest way to get your Amazon seller privileges revoked is to ignore your customers because Amazon believes that their customers are the most important part of its business, which makes sense since, without customers, businesses wouldn’t exist!

 To do well on Amazon, it is absolutely paramount that businesses care about their customers as much as Amazon does.

Ignoring Performance Metrics

 Amazon is hot on analytics and performance metrics for your account, which means if you continue to ignore them, Amazon certainly will not. Repeated complaints, late shipments, or negative feedback can see Amazon shutting down your account without warning whenever they see fit, so make sure to keep an eye on your performance metrics and keep them as blemish-free as possible.

 Mistakes are made, and sometimes reviews can be left unfairly, which may lead to a ban. If this happens, there is the option to proceed with an Amazon appeal, which can help you gain access to your account again. 

Not Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

As a business, it often makes sense to focus on profit; otherwise, how can someone make a living? However, there is a certain point where prioritizing quantity over quality can get you in trouble. Not only with your customers but with Amazon, too – a double whammy. 

 Poor quality will lead to plenty of customer complaints, and that is not something Amazon overlooks, so make sure to be choosing the best products you can to sell and keeping to a standard of quality to keep everyone happy. 

Not Issuing Refunds

 If you are running a business, it is most likely that you are more than aware that life is not fair, and that can definitely translate when it comes to scams. Amazon pride itself in catering to the consumer – even if the consumer is in the wrong, which means you may end up issuing more refunds than you would like to. 

 Not issuing refunds can definitely cause more grief in the long term and realistically, it is better to lose a small amount of money than it is for Amazon to take away your seller account, which could potentially cost you your whole business. 

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