DIY Harry Potter Merchandise: Paper Clip Bookmarks


A bookmark is a cute marking tool, commonly made of leather, card, paper, or fabric, used to keep track of your reading progress in a book and allows you to return to where the early reading session ended.

Today, we will make Happy Potter Bookmark exclusively for muggles.

Supplies Needed 

  • Colored Paper
  • pencil
  • paper clip
  • black sketch pen
  • scissor
  • super glue
  • glue

Brief Procedure

  1. Draw your favorite Harry Potter Character on a Blank Paper. My favorite character is Minerva McGonagall. 
  2. Cut it from the edges with a scissor. Cut the head, body, hands, and hat outlines individually and later stick it with glue. 
  3. Using a black sketch pen, add details (eyes, nose, face, hatstall) (Gryffindor’s house animal).
  4. Stick it to a paperclip using super glue.
  5. Your Harry potter bookmark is ready.

Detailed Alternate Way

  1. Start with a round piece of paper that’s about 2cm in radius. This will be needed for the face. Cut two 2×4.5cm dimension papers for hands, around 2x5cm for legs, and a triangle with 2.2cm length. (for the hat). Cut around 4x7cm for the body and 1cmx1cm square neck. 
  2. Cut fingers on hands and legs for a more realistic look.
  3. Stick round piece of cut paper on the 1cm2 neck, and properly stick the other papers to create a body-like figure. Put the hands at the end. (Tip: while sticking the hands, fold it a little to give a shoulder look on the edges)
  4. Take a black sketch pen and sketch eyes, nose, and other details throughout. Please don’t place your fingers on the illustrated paper, or else it’ll get stamped on your fingers. Sketch, clothes, and hair at at last.
  5. Now gently stick the head and body towards the center of a ‘steel paper clip.’ Make sure the top small triangular flap is pulled out. Do the same with shoulders. Stick only the body, and shoulders, and head. Keep legs, hands, and hat free from super glue. 
  6. Your Paper Clip Harry Potter Bookmark is ready. 

5 Universal DIY Bookmark Tips for Beginners

  • Gather your paper materials. Use coloring pages, free printables, cardstock, recycled newspapers, scrapbooking paper, or even old book pages. 
  • Gather your supplies beforehand to avoid disappointment in between the DIY. 
  • Determine the size and always remember to measure and cut. A big head with a small body will not look good as a bookmark (or maybe it will).
  • You can decorate your bookmark with jewelry, sparks, or anything that makes you happy. 
  • It would help if you laminated your homemade bookmark to keep it from decaying with time. Laminated papers are known to stand for a longer duration. 

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