Daily Communication with The Use of Emoji

With the widespread development of technology. Communication through social media penetrates each individual’s daily lives and enhances personal communications; we need to strengthen our emotional communication through this online platform. Hence the invention of an emoji.

Although back in the days, we already have emoticons in our conversations online and text. The high pace of advancement of technology changes the way we express our emotions online. The emoticon that we are using in our daily conversations of text and chat evolves to an emoji. A much more reliable in terms of graphic and design.

Emoji is a set of small-expression symbols. Think of them as an additional language of little and cute characters that adds emotion to your simple flat text in a conversation. Using emoji is not just for millennial teenagers. An emoji is more than just a simple trend and becoming an essential part of digital language evolution.

Describing an Emoji

An emoji has a different layout and forms depending on what platform you are using. Let us take, for example, an alien emoji has a different kind of presentation of design on different types of media. But its universal interpretation of an alien emoji is a green or gray oval shape bald alien with huge black eyes and a slight smile.

Even fictional and unusual characters have their emoji-like goblins, ghosts, alien monsters, robots, clowns, and even a pile of poop has its emoji. All of this lets people express their feelings online with diverse options and express themselves in their way of style.

The simple invention of an emoji is a game-changer on the way we interact with other people online. Every individual has a unique method of expressing themselves. A diverse choice of emoji available on the internet is a great helping hand expressing one’s emotion through these online platforms.

Before Emoji

Before emoji, emoticons are the primary way of expressing oneself through online conversation. There are different kinds of emoticons back in the days with the use of a typography representation. Its main goal is to convey and express emotion by illustrating a facial expression by combining words and icons to create an emoticon.

As time goes by, emoji is frequently used in today’s network of communication more than emoticons. It is embroidered in every text and chats to give energy and colors to our daily conversation. However, some weird and unexplainable emoji are also created to express humor. Every emoji is made for a reason and incorporates a specific meaning.

Online Emoji Platforms

Most of the things that you can imagine already have a high chance of having its emoji. From your feet with flip flops and the top of your head with a hat must have an emoji already. With thousands or even millions of emoji used online, it might be a little bit hard to find the right emoji that complement your needs.

You might be having trouble with what emoji to use in a conversation. Do you need an alien emoji[1]  to remind them of a movie or about a supernatural conspiracy theory? Having a lot of emoji available on the internet might be troublesome. One platform that helps you find the right emoji is emojiguide; in this platform, your everyday emoji conversational needs will be available.


Our digital language has been evolving at a fast pace. Emoji has been a massive contributor to the way we interact with other people online. Uniquely expressing themself with emojis has been the go-to method of every individual. The evolution of emoji is a must to meet the demands of a more diverse way of interacting online.

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