Chromebooks get ‘Premium’ gaming section on Play Store

(IANS) Google Play Store on Chromebooks has now added a Premium gaming section that makes it easier for users to discover games designed for Chromebook.

These include favourite games like Incredibox, Gamedev Tycoon and Bridge Constructor Portal.

With Stadia, one can instantly stream and play games like PUBG, Destiny 2 and more on Chromebook without waiting for installation, downloads or updates.

“With special gaming perks that come with your Chromebook, you can be a winner even before you play. Enjoy hits like House of Da Vinci and Project Highrise on us or try out special bundles on favorites like Fallout Shelter,” Thomas Riedl, Product Management Director, Chrome OS, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Chromebook users also get three months of Stadia Pro free, giving access to more than 20 popular titles to play.

In addition, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, which launched on Chromebooks last month, also aims to make it easy to instantly play PC games across different game libraries including Steam, Uplay store and more.

Now, Chromebooks also support some gaming controllers with the Stadia controllers, Logitech F710 and F310 controllers compatible. These can be used for any game with support for them, not just Stadia games.

In addition, the company is working to bring more updates in the coming months to make Chromebooks even better for work and play.

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